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1989Investment and sector-specific capital: A dynamic approach to incomplete factor mobilityMeckl, Jürgen
1990Dynamic adjustment in open economiesMeckl, Jürgen
1990Lohnpolitik als Instrument zur Eindämmung der deutsch-deutschen ÜbersiedlungMeckl, Jürgen
1991Expectations and adjustment dynamics in a two-sector model of a small open economyAlbert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
1994Migration, income redistribution, and international capital mobilityMeckl, Jürgen
1994Internationale Migration und Einkommensverteilung: Eine außenhandelstheoretische AnalyseLeiner, Nadine; Meckl, Jürgen
1995Market power of firms and exchange-rate fluctuationsMeckl, Jürgen
1997Efficiency wages, unemployment and welfare: A trade theorists' guideAlbert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
1999Green tax reform and two-component unemployment: Double dividend or double loss?Albert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
1999Efficiency-wage unemployment and endogenous growthMeckl, Jürgen
1999Structural change and generalized balanced growthMeckl, Jürgen
2000Human-capital investment and the wage gapMeckl, Jürgen; Zink, Stefan
2001Solow and heterogeneous labor: A neoclassical explanation of wage inequalityMeckl, Jürgen; Zink, Stefan
2002Immigration and two-component unemploymentAlbert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
2003Solow and Heterogeneous Labor: A Neoclassical Explanation of Wage InequalityMeckl, Jürgen; Zink, Stefan
2005Are US wages really determined by European labor-market institutions?Meckl, Jürgen
2011Factor-biased technical change and specialization patternsBrandt, Jana; Meckl, Jürgen; Savin, Ivan
2011Occupational choice, aggregate productivity, and tradeMeckl, Jürgen; Weigert, Benjamin
2016Social status and public expectations: Self-selection of high-skilled migrantsLumpe, Christian; Lumpe, Claudia; Meckl, Jürgen