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2008Labour supply and employment in the euro area countries - developments and challengesMasuch, Klaus; Gómez-Salvador, Ramon; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine; Strauch, Rolf; Turunen, Jarkko; Ward-Warmedinger, Melanie; Mulder, Jan De; Stahl, Harald; McCarthy, Yvonne; Nicolitsas, Daphne; Lacuesta, Aitor; Ravanel, Mathilde; Cipollone, Piero; Olsommer, Christelle; Stiglbauer, Alfred; Novo, Álvaro; Stovicek, Klara; Schauman, Heidi; Balleer, Almut; McQuinn, Kieran; Montanaro, Pasqualino; Rosolia, Alfonso; Viviano, Eliana; Duarte, Cláudia Filipa; Vodopivec, Matija; Task force of the Monetary Policy Committee of the European System of Central Banks
2010Are some forecasters really better than others?D'Agostino, Antonello; McQuinn, Kieran; Whelan, Karl
2013Exploring the steady-state relationship between credit and GDP for a small open economy: the case of IrelandKelly, Robert; McQuinn, Kieran; Stuart, Rebecca
2015Europe's long-term growth prospects: With and without structural reformsMcQuinn, Kieran; Whelan, Karl
2015Europe's long-term growth prospects: With and without structural reformsMcQuinn, Kieran; Whelan, Karl
2015Macroprudential policy in a recovering market: Too much too soon?Duffy, David; McInerney, Niall; McQuinn, Kieran
2015Assessing the sustainable nature of housing-related taxation receipts: The case of IrelandAddison-Smyth, Diarmaid; McQuinn, Kieran
2016Efficient frontiers and fiscal stability: An ex-ante and ex-post application to the Irish public financesMcQuinn, Kieran; Roche, Maurice J.
2016Quarterly Economic Commentary, Summer 2016Duffy, David; McQuinn, Kieran; Morley, Ciara; Foley, Daniel
2016Quarterly Economic Commentary, Winter 2016McQuinn, Kieran; Foley, Daniel; Kelly, Elish
2016How sensitive is Irish income tax revenue to underlying economic activity?Deli, Yota; Lambert, Derek; Lawless, Martina; McQuinn, Kieran; Morgenroth, Edgar L. W.
2016The Prospects for Future Economic Growth in the Euro AreaMcQuinn, Kieran; Whelan, Karl
2016Quarterly Economic Commentary, Autumn 2016Duffy, David; McQuinn, Kieran; Foley, Daniel
2017The cyclicality of Irish fiscal policy ex-ante and ex-post: A cross-country examinationCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2017Quarterly Economic Commentary, Autumn 2017McQuinn, Kieran; O’Toole, Conor; Economides, Philip
2017Quarterly Economic Commentary, Summer 2017McQuinn, Kieran; Foley, Daniel; O'Toole, Conor
2017Credit conditions and tenure choice: A cross-country examinationCronin, David; McQuinn, Kieran
2017Identifying rent pressures in your neighbourhood: A new model of Irish regional rent indicatorsLawless, Martina; McQuinn, Kieran; Walsh, John
2017Quarterly Economic Commentary, Winter 2017McQuinn, Kieran; O'Toole, Conor; Economides, Philip; Monteiro, Teresa
2017Quarterly Economic Commentary, Spring 2017McQuinn, Kieran; Foley, Daniel; Kelly, Elish