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2014A regional simulation and optimisation of renewable energy supply from wind and photovoltaics with respect to three key energy-political objectivesKillinger, Sven; Mainzer, Kai; McKenna, Russell; Kreifels, Niklas; Fichtner, Wolf
2015Energieautarkie: Definitionen, Für- bzw. Gegenargumente, und entstehende ForschungsbedarfeMcKenna, Russell; Herbes, Carsten; Fichtner, Wolf
2015Charakterisierung der verwendeten Modellansätze im Wettbewerb Energieeffiziente StadtMainzer, Kai; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2015Onshore wind energy in Baden-Württemberg: a bottom-up economic assessment of the socio-technical potentialJäger, Tobias; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2016Development of a multi-energy residential service demand model for evaluation of prosumers’ effects on current and future residential load profiles for heat and electricityHofmann, Leon; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2016Modellgestützte Bewertung des Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetzes 2016 anhand ausgewählter Anwendungsfälle in WohngebäudenMerkel, Erik; Kunze, Rober; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2016Energy autonomy in residential buildings: a techno-economic model-based analysis of the scale effectsMcKenna, Russell; Merkel. Erik; Fichtner, Wolf
2017Photovoltaik auf Gebäuden: eine GIS-gestützte Ermittlung des Potenzials in Baden-WürttembergLüth, Juri; Jäger, Tobias; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2018Assessing the potential contribution of excess heat from biogas plants towards decarbonising German residential heatingWeinand, Jann; McKenna, Russell; Karner, Katharina; Braun, Lorenz; Herbes, Carsten
2018Behavior-oriented modeling of electric vehicle load profiles: A stochastic simulation model considering different household characteristics, charging decisions and locationsHarbrecht, Alexander; McKenna, Russell; Fischer, David; Fichtner, Wolf
2018Developing a municipality typology for modelling decentralised energy systemsWeinand, Jann; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2019Developing a three-stage heuristic to design geothermal-based district heating systemsWeinand, Jann; Kleinebrahm, Max; McKenna, Russell; Mainzer, Kai; Fichtner, Wolf
2020Reviewing energy system modelling of decentralized energy autonomyWeinand, Jann; Scheller, Fabian Johannes; McKenna, Russell
2020Improving renewable energy resource assessments by quantifying landscape beautyMcKenna, Russell; Weinand, Jann Michael; Mulalic, Ismir; Petrovic, Stefan; Mainzer, Kai; Preis, Tobias; Moat, Helen Susannah
2020Comparing empirical and model-based approaches for calculating dynamic grid emission factors: An application to CO2-minimizing storage dispatch in GermanyBraeuer, Fritz; Finck, Rafael; McKenna, Russell
2020Identification of potential off-grid municipalities with 100% renewable energy supplyWeinand, Jann; Ried, Sabrina; Kleinebrahm, Max; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2020Willingness to pay for residential PV: Reconciling gaps between acceptance and adoptionKhuong, Phuong M.; Scheller, Fabian; McKenna, Russell; Keles, Dogan; Fichtner, Wolf
2020Using neural networks to model long-term dependencies in occupancy behaviorKleinebrahm, Max; Torriti, Jacopo; McKenna, Russell; Ardone, Armin; Fichtner, Wolf
2021The feasibility of energy autonomy for municipalities: local energy system optimisation and upscaling with cluster and regression analysesWeinand, Jann Michael; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2021Research trends in combinatorial optimizationWeinand, Jann Michael; Sörensen, Kenneth; San Segundo, Pablo; Kleinebrahm, Max; McKenna, Russell