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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Job mismatches and labour market outcomesMavromaras, Kostas; McGuinness, Séamus; O'Leary, Nigel; Sloane, Peter; Fok, Yin King
2009Immigrants and Employer-provided trainingBarrett, Alan; McGuinness, Séamus; O'Brien, Martin; O'Connell, Philip
2014Examining the relationships between labour market mismatches, earnings and job satisfaction among immigrant graduates in EuropeMcGuinness, Séamus; Byrne, Delma
2014Who should we ask? Employer and employee perceptions of skill gaps within firmsMcGuinness, Séamus; Ortiz, Luis
2017Making centralised data work for community development: An exploration of area-based training programmes in a unified frameworkMcGuinness, Séamus; Bergin, Adele; Whelana, Adele
2017Does a satisfied student make a satisfied worker?Whelan, Adele; McGuinness, Séamus
2018Playing senior inter-county Gaelic games: Experiences, realities and consequencesKelly, Elish; Banks, Joanne; McGuinness, Séamus; Watson, Dorothy
2019Valuing community development through the social inclusion programme (SICAP) 2015-2017: Toward a framework for evaluationWhelan, Adele; McGuinness, Séamus; Delaney, Judith M.
2019The impact of a change in the national minimum wage on the distribution of hourly wages and household income in IrelandRedmond, Paul; Doorley, Karina; McGuinness, Séamus
2019An initial evaluation of the effectiveness of Intreo activation reformsKelly, Elish; McGuinness, Séamus; Redmond, Paul; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John
2019Exploiting the Irish border to estimate minimum wage impacts in Northern IrelandMcVicar, Duncan; Park, Andrew; McGuinness, Séamus
2020Evaluation of SICAP pre-employment supportsWhelan, Adele; Delaney, Judith; McGuinness, Séamus; Smyth, Emer
2021Measuring childhood disability and AIM programme provision in IrelandWhelan, Adele; Bergin, Adele; Devlin, Anne; Garcia Rodriguez, Abian; McGuinness, Séamus; Privalko, Ivan; Russell, Helen
2021Review of international approaches to evaluating rural and community development investment and supportsWhelan, Adele; McGuinness, Séamus; Barrett, Alan
2021Heterogeneous effects of a minimum wage increase on hours workedRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Séamus
2021The impact of the 2016 minimum wage increase on average labour costs, hours worked and employment in Irish firmsRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Séamus
2021A comparative assessment of minimum wage employment in EuropeRedmond, Paul; Maître, Bertrand; McGuinness, Séamus; Maragkou, Konstantina
2022A North-South comparison of education and training systems: Lessons for policySmyth, Emer; Devlin, Anne; Bergin, Adele; McGuinness, Séamus
2022Predicting the probability of long-term unemployment and recalibrating Ireland's statistical profiling modelMcGuinness, Séamus; Redmond, Paul; Kelly, Elish; Maragkou, Konstantina
2022Modelling productivity levels in Ireland and Northern IrelandBergin, Adele; McGuinness, Séamus