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1998 Aid and the public sector in Pakistan: Evidence with endogenous aidFranco-Rodriguez, Susana; McGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver
1998 Investigating the relationship between aid and trade flowsLloyd, Tim; McGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver; Osei, Robert
2000 Aid illusion and public sector fiscal behaviourMcGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver
2001 A review of evidence on the fiscal effects of aidMcGillivray, Mark; Morrissey, Oliver
2002 Aid, public sector fiscal behaviour and developing country debtFeeny, Simon; McGillivray, Mark
2003 Aid, debt burden and government fiscal behaviour in Côte d'IvoireMcGillivray, Mark; Ouattara, Bazoumana
2003 Aid effectiveness and selectivity: Integrating multiple objectives into aid allocationsMcGillivray, Mark
2003 Descriptive and prescriptive analyses of aid allocation: approaches, issues and consequencesMcGillivray, Mark
2003 Modelling aid allocation: Issues, approaches and resultsMcGillivray, Mark
2003 Donor funding of multilateral aid agencies: Determining factors and revealed burden sharingAddison, Tony; McGillivray, Mark; Odedokun, Matthew
2003 Aid, debt burden and goverment fiscal behaviour: A new model applied to Côte d'IvoireMcGillivray, Mark; Ouattara, Banzoumana
2004 Composite indices of human well-being: Past, present, and futureMcGillivray, Mark; Noorbakhsh, Farhad
2005 It works; it doesn't; it can, but that depends...: 50 years of controversy over the macroeconomic impact of development aidMcGillivray, Mark; Feeny, Simon; Hermes, Niels; Lensink, Robert
2005 Development assistance and development finance: Evidence and global policy agendasAddison, Tony; Mavrotas, George; McGillivray, Mark
2005 Aid, debt relief and new sources of finance for meeting the millennium development goalsAddison, Tony; Mavrotas, George; McGillivray, Mark
2006 Aid allocation and fragile statesMcGillivray, Mark
2006 A wider approach to aid effectiveness: Correlated impacts on health, wealth, fertility and educationFielding, David; McGillivray, Mark; Torres, Sebastian
2008 State fragility: Concept and measurementBaliamoune-Lutz, Mina; McGillivray, Mark
2008 Measuring the vulnerability of subnational regionsNaudé, Wim; McGillivray, Mark; Rossouw, Stephanié
2008 Aid and growth in fragile statesMcGillivray, Mark; Feeny, Simon