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1998 Optimal Vehicle Size, Haulage Length, and the Structure of Transport CostsMcCann, Philip
1999 Specialisation and Regional SizeDewhurst, John; McCann, Philip
2001 “The Location of Technological Innovations within the Japanese Semiconductor Industry”Arita, Tomokazu; McCann, Philip
2002 A comparative analysis of the location behaviour of Japanese and European semiconductor manufacturersMcCann, Philip; Arita, Tomokazu
2002 An analysis of the gender determinants of UK graduate migration behaviourMcCann, Philip; Sheppard, Stephen
2003 A comparative analysis of the location behaviour of the US and European semiconductor manufacturersArita, Tomokazu; McCann, Philip
2003 Geography, Trade and Growth: Problems and Possibilities for the New Zealand EconomyMcCann, Philip
2004 Human Capital Flows and Regional Knowledge Assets:A Simultaneous Equation ModelFaggian, Alessandra; McCann, Philip
2004 A comparison of industrial location behaviour within the US and European Semicondictor IndustriesArita, Tomokazu; McCann, Philip
2005 The Implications for Regional Investment of Diversification Strategies in Commercial Real Estate PortfoliosMcCann, Philip; Lee, Stephen
2009 Globalisation: countries, cities and multinationalsMcCann, Philip; Ács, Zoltán J.
2010 Housing and Social Capital in New ZealandRoskruge, Matthew James; Grimes, Arthur; McCann, Philip; Poot, Jacques
2010 A comparative analysis of the location behaviour of the global semiconductor manufacturersArita, Tomokazu; McCann, Philip
2011 Migration and inter-industry mobility of UK graduates: Effect on earnings and career satisfactionAbreu, Maria; Faggian, Alessandra; McCann, Philip
2017 Innovation and location in German knowledge intensive business service firmsBrunow, Stephan; Hammer-Langrock, Andrea; McCann, Philip
2019 The Implications of Brexit for UK and EU Regional CompetitivenessThissen, Mark; van Oort, Frank G.; McCann, Philip; Ortega-Argilés, Rauel; Husby, Trond