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2008 Business networks and inward FDI policyMcCann, Fergal
2009 International outsourcing's role in international technology diffusion: The Irish caseMcCann, Fergal
2009 Importing, exporting and productivity in Irish manufacturingMcCann, Fergal
2009 Outsourcing and Firm Productivity in Irish ManufacturingMcCann, Fergal
2011 Democratic Accountability and the Relative Obstacles to Foreign InvestmentMcCann, Fergal; Dorsch, Michael; McGuirk, Eoin
2013 Corporate finance and economic activity in the euro area: Structural issues report 2013Rodriguez-Palenzuela, Diego; Darracq-Pariès, Matthieu; Carboni, Giacomo; Ferrando, Annalisa; Ulbrich, Petra Köhler; Zachary, Marie-Denise; Geiger, Felix; Rupprecht, Manuel; Raudsaar, Taavi; McCann, Fergal; Georgakopoulos, Vasileios; Martínez-Carrascal, Carmen; Carluccio, Juan; Horny, Guillaume; Russo, Paolo Finaldi; Kapatais, Demetris; Wintr, Ladislav; Briffa, Elaine Caruana; Metzemakers, Paul; van der Veer, Koen; Waschiczek, Walter; Farinha, Luisa; Herman, Uroš; Karšay, Alexander; Mäki-Fränti, Petri; Servant, François; Socio, Antonio De; Fiore, Fiorella De; Hertkorn, Andreas; Lenza, Michele; Vitale, Giovanni; Karmazin, Branislav; Task Force of the Monetary Policy Committee of the ESCB
2013 Does bank market power affect SME financing constraints?Ryan, Robert M.; O'Toole, Conor M.; McCann, Fergal
2017 Sources of the small firm financing premium: Evidence from euro area banksHolton, Sarah; McCann, Fergal
2017 Credit conditions, macroprudential policy and house pricesKelly, Robert; McCann, Fergal; O'Toole, Conor
2018 Resolving a Non-Performing Loan crisis: the ongoing case of the Irish mortgage marketMcCann, Fergal
2019 The cyclicality in SICR: Mortgage modelling under IFRS 9Gaffney, Edward; McCann, Fergal
2021 New survey evidence on COVID-19 and Irish SMEs: Measuring the impact and policy responseKren, Janez; Lawless, Martina; O'Toole, Conor; McCann, Fergal; McQuinn, John
2021 Resolving mortgage distress after COVID-19: Some lessons from the last crisisMcCann, Fergal; O'Malley, Terry