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2008Business networks and inward FDI policyMcCann, Fergal
2009Importing, exporting and productivity in Irish manufacturingMcCann, Fergal
2009International outsourcing's role in international technology diffusion: The Irish caseMcCann, Fergal
2009Outsourcing and Firm Productivity in Irish ManufacturingMcCann, Fergal
2011Democratic Accountability and the Relative Obstacles to Foreign InvestmentMcCann, Fergal; Dorsch, Michael; McGuirk, Eoin
2013Does bank market power affect SME financing constraints?Ryan, Robert M.; O'Toole, Conor M.; McCann, Fergal
2013Corporate finance and economic activity in the euro area: Structural issues report 2013Rodriguez-Palenzuela, Diego; Darracq-Pariès, Matthieu; Carboni, Giacomo; Ferrando, Annalisa; Ulbrich, Petra Köhler; Zachary, Marie-Denise; Geiger, Felix; Rupprecht, Manuel; Raudsaar, Taavi; McCann, Fergal; Georgakopoulos, Vasileios; Martínez-Carrascal, Carmen; Carluccio, Juan; Horny, Guillaume; Russo, Paolo Finaldi; Kapatais, Demetris; Wintr, Ladislav; Briffa, Elaine Caruana; Metzemakers, Paul; van der Veer, Koen; Waschiczek, Walter; Farinha, Luisa; Herman, Uroš; Karšay, Alexander; Mäki-Fränti, Petri; Servant, François; Socio, Antonio De; Fiore, Fiorella De; Hertkorn, Andreas; Lenza, Michele; Vitale, Giovanni; Karmazin, Branislav; Task Force of the Monetary Policy Committee of the ESCB
2017Sources of the small firm financing premium: Evidence from euro area banksHolton, Sarah; McCann, Fergal
2017Credit conditions, macroprudential policy and house pricesKelly, Robert; McCann, Fergal; O'Toole, Conor
2018Resolving a Non-Performing Loan crisis: the ongoing case of the Irish mortgage marketMcCann, Fergal
2019The cyclicality in SICR: Mortgage modelling under IFRS 9Gaffney, Edward; McCann, Fergal
2021Resolving mortgage distress after COVID-19: Some lessons from the last crisisMcCann, Fergal; O'Malley, Terry
2021New survey evidence on COVID-19 and Irish SMEs: Measuring the impact and policy responseKren, Janez; Lawless, Martina; O'Toole, Conor; McCann, Fergal; McQuinn, John
2022The economics of debt relief during a pandemic: Lessons from the experience in IrelandGaffney, Edward; McCann, Fergal; Stroebel, Johannes