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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998A Pedagogical Note on the Long Run of Macro Economic ModelsMcAdam, Peter
2001Fiscal consolidation and the probability distribution of deficits: A stochastic analysis of the stability pactHughes Hallett, Andrew; McAdam, Peter
2001The monetary transmission mechanism at the euro-area level: issues and results using structural macroeconomic modelsMcAdam, Peter; Morgan, Julian
2003US, Japan and the euro area: comparing business-cycle featuresMcAdam, Peter
2003New Keynesian Phillips Curves: a reassessment using euro-area dataMcAdam, Peter; Willman, Alpo
2003Unemployment, hysteresis and transitionMcAdam, Peter; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2004Optimal monetary policy rules for the euro area: an analysis using the area wide modelDieppe, Alistair; Kuester, Keith; McAdam, Peter
2004Factor substitution and factor augmenting technical progress in the US: a normalized supply-side system approachKlump, Rainer; McAdam, Peter; Willman, Alpo
2004Developing a euro area accounting matrix: issues and applicationsJellema, Tjeerd; Keuning, Steven; McAdam, Peter; Mink, Reimund
2004Forecasting inflation with thick models and neural networksMcNelis, Paul; McAdam, Peter
2005The performance and robustness of interest-rate rules in models of the euro areaAdalid, Ramón; Coenen, Günter; McAdam, Peter; Siviero, Stefano
2006Inflation forecast-based-rules and indeterminacy: a puzzle and a resolutionLevine, Paul; McAdam, Peter; Pearlman, Joseph G.
2006The Italian block of the ESCB multi-country modelAngelini, Elena; D’Agostino, Antonello; McAdam, Peter
2007State-dependency and firm-level optimization: a contribution to Calvo price staggeringMcAdam, Peter; Willman, Alpo
2007Quantifying and sustaining welfare gains from monetary commitmentLevine, Paul; McAdam, Peter; Pearlman, Joseph G.
2007Tax reform and labour-market performance in the euro area: a simulation-based analysis using the New Area-Wide ModelCoenen, Günter; McAdam, Peter; Straub, Roland
2007Phillips-Curve Dynamics: Mark-Up Cyclicality, Effective Hours and Regime-DependencyMcAdam, Peter; Willman, Alpo
2008Risk Management in Action. Robust monetary policy rules under structured uncertainty.Levine, Paul; McAdam, Peter; Pearlman, Joseph G.; Pierse, Richard
2008Medium run redux: technical change, factor shares and frictions in the euro areaMcAdam, Peter; Willman, Alpo
2008Is forecasting with large models informative? Assessing the role of judgement in macroeconomic forecastsMestre, Ricardo; McAdam, Peter