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1997A market based approach to maintaining systemic stability: experiences from New ZealandMayes, David G.
1998Improving banking supervisionMayes, David G.
1998The exchange rate and monetary conditions in the euro areaMayes, David G.; Virén, Matti
1998Evolving voluntary rules for the operation of the European Central BankMayes, David G.
1999Unemployment in a small open economy: Finland and New ZealandMayes, David G.; Vilmunen, Jouko
2000Asymmetry and the problem of aggregation in the euro areaMayes, David G.; Virén, Matti
2003The role of market discipline in handling problem banksLlewellyn, David T.; Mayes, David G.
2004An approach to bank insolvency in transition and emerging economiesMayes, David G.
2004The use of real time information in Phillips curve relationships for the euro areaPaloviita, Maritta; Mayes, David G.
2007Multiple safety net regulators and agency problems in the EU: is Prompt Corrective Action a partial solutionMayes, David G.; Nieto, María J.; Wall, Larry
2007Multiple safety net regulators and agency problems in the European Union: Is prompt corrective action partly the solution?Mayes, David G.; Nieto, María J.; Wall, Larry
2007The CIS: does the regional hegemon facilitate monetary integration?Mayes, David G.; Korhonen, Vesa
2008Avoiding the Next CrisisMayes, David G.
2009The quality of monetary policy and inflation performance: globalization and its aftermathBohl, Martin; Mayes, David G.; Siklos, Pierre L.
2009Banking Crisis Resolution Policy - Different Country ExperiencesMayes, David G.
2009The Failure of Northern Rock: A multi-dimensional Case StudyCongdon, Tim; Goodhart, Charles A.E.; Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Kaufman, George G.; Hamalainen, Paul; Lastra, Rosa M.; Llewellyn, David T.; Mayes, David G.; Wood, Geoffrey; Milne, Alastair; Onado, Marco; Taylor, Michael
2009Optimal Structures for Financial Regulation and SupervisionMayes, David G.
2009Early intervention and prompt corrective action in EuropeMayes, David G.
2014The Effectiveness of Capital Adequacy Measures in Predicting Bank DistressMayes, David G.; Stremmel, Hanno
2016The SSM at 1Laeven, Luc; Draghi, Mario; Dombret, Andreas; Angeloni, Ignazio; Nicoletti-Altimari, Sergio; Hufeld, Felix; Schuknecht, Ludger; Ritter, Hendrik; Thimann, Christian; Korte, Josef A.; Steffen, Sascha; Barucci, Emilio; Baviera, Roberto; Milani, Carlo; Calzolari, Giacomo; Colliard, Jean-Edouard; Lóránth, Gyöngyi; Mohrmann, Ulf; Muhn, Maximilian; Nienhaus, Martin; Riepe, Jan; Maddaloni, Angela; Scopelliti, Alessandro D.; Damaskou, Anna; Karamichailidou, Giannoula; Mayes, David G.; Stremmel, Hanno