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2005 Competitiveness and the export performance of the euro areadi Mauro, Filippo; Anderton, Robert; Ernst, Ekkehard; Maurin, Laurent; Pokutova, Sonia; Melyn, Wim; Jochem, Axel; Pakinezou, N. M.; Torres, Javier; Lecat, Remy; Cassidy, Mark; Tedeschi, Roberto; Walch, Erik; Eggelte, Jurriann; Wagner, Karin; Abreu, Ildeberta; Kinnunen, Helvi; Blattner, Tobias; Santis, Roberto De; Oliveira-Soires, Rodrigo; Shen, Jian-Guang; Sydow, Matthias; Warmedinger, Thomas; Zumer, Tina; Nelissen, Iris; Breda, Emanuelle; Ad Hoc Task Force on "Competitiveness and the Export Performance of the Euro Area"
2008 The role of country-specific trade and survey data in forecasting euro area manufacturing production: perspective from large panel factor modelsDarracq Pariès, Matthieu; Maurin, Laurent
2008 Flow of conjunctural information and forecast of euro area economic activityDrechsel, Katja; Maurin, Laurent
2011 Profit dynamics across the largest euro area countries and sectorsMaurin, Laurent; Roma, Moreno; Vetlov, Igor
2011 Trend-cycle decomposition of output and euro area inflation forecasts: a real-time approach based on model combinationGuérin, Pierre; Maurin, Laurent; Mohr, Matthias
2012 Risk, capital buffer and bank lending: a granular approach to the adjustment of euro area banksMaurin, Laurent; Toivanen, Mervi
2014 Financial conditions index and credit supply shocks for the euro areaDarracq Pariès, Matthieu; Maurin, Laurent; Moccero, Diego
2015 Drivers of banks' cost of debt and long-term benefits of regulation - an empirical analysis based on EU banksGaliay, Artus; Maurin, Laurent
2017 Estimating the impact of shocks to bank capital in the euro areaKanngiesser, Derrick; Martin, Reiner; Maurin, Laurent; Moccero, Diego
2019 What firms don't like about bank loans: New evidence from survey dataKolev, Atanas; Maurin, Laurent; Ségol, Matthieu
2019 Skill shortages and skill mismatch in Europe: A review of the literatureBrunello, Giorgio; Wruuck, Patricia; Maurin, Laurent
2019 Can survey-based information help to assess investment gaps in the EU?Alves, Pana; Dejuan, Daniel; Maurin, Laurent
2020 Investment vs debt trade-offs in the post-COVID-19 European economyMaurin, Laurent; Pál, Rozália
2021 The impact of bank loan terms on intangible investment in EuropeSegol, Matthieu; Kolev, Atanas; Maurin, Laurent
2021 Aggregate productivity slowdown in Europe: New evidence from corporate balance sheetsMaurin, Laurent; Wolski, Marcin
2021 Market finance as a spare tyre? Corporate investment and access to bank credit in EuropeMaurin, Laurent; Andersson, Malin; Rusinova, Desislava
2021 Market finance as a spare tyre? Corporate investment and access to bank credit in EuropeAndersson, Malin; Maurin, Laurent; Rusinova, Desislava
2022 Firm-level policy support during the crisis: So far, so good?Harasztosi, Péter; Maurin, Laurent; Pál, Rozália; Revoltella, Debora; Van Der Wielen, Wouter