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2002Money-back guarantees in individual pension accounts: Evidence from the German pension reformMaurer, Raimond H.; Schlag, Christian
2003Institutional investors in Germany: Insurance companies and investment fundsMaurer, Raimond H.
2004Betting on death and capital markets in retirement: A shortfall risk analysis of life annuities versus phased withdrawal plansDus, Ivica; Maurer, Raimond H.; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2005German Insurance Industry: Market Overview and TrendsMaurer, Raimond H.; Somova, Barbara
2006Proof that it is not always optimal to locate bonds in a tax-deferred accountMarekwica, Marcel; Maurer, Raimond H.
2006Asset Meltdown: Fact or Fiction?Marekwica, Marcel; Maurer, Raimond H.; Sebastian, Steffen
2007Money in motion: Dynamic portfolio choice in retirementHorneff, Wolfram J.; Maurer, Raimond H.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Stamos, Michael Z.
2007The Victory of Hope over Angst? Funding, Asset Allocation, and Risk-Taking in German Public Sector Pension ReformMaurer, Raimond H.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph
2007How unobservable Bond Positions in Retirement Accounts affect Asset AllocationMarekwica, Marcel; Maurer, Raimond H.
2007Optimal Gradual Annuitization: Quantifying the Costs of Switching to AnnuitiesHorneff, Wolfram J.; Maurer, Raimond H.; Stamos, Michael Z.
2009Gauging risk with higher moments: Handrails in measuring and optimising conditional value at riskBugár, Gyöngyi; Maurer, Raimond H.; Vo, Huy Thanh
2011Lifecycle impacts of the financial and economic crisis on household optimal consumption, portfolio choice, and labor supplyChai, Jingjing; Maurer, Raimond H.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph