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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Immobilienindizes im Portfolio-ManagementMaurer, Raimond; Sebastian, Steffen; Stephan, Thomas G.
2000 A multiple factor model for European stocksStephan, Thomas G.; Maurer, Raimond; Dürr, Martin
2000 Vermögensanlagevorschriften für deutsche Versicherungsunternehmen: Status Quo und finanzwirtschaftliche BewertungenMaurer, Raimond; Stephan, Thomas G.
2000 Zur Quantifizierung von Risikoprämien deutscher Versicherungsaktien im Kontext von MultifaktorenmodellenElgeti, Rolf; Maurer, Raimond
2001 Structural positions and risk budgeting: Quantifying the impact of structural positions and deriving implications for active portfolio managementHerold, Ulf; Maurer, Raimond
2001 Integrated asset liability modelling for property casuality insurance: A portfolio theoretical approachDus, Ivica; Maurer, Raimond
2001 International Equity Portfolios and Currency Hedging: The Viewpoint of German and Hungarian InvestorsBugár, Gyöngyi; Maurer, Raimond
2002 Portfolio Choice and Estimation Risk: A Comparison of Bayesian to Heuristic ApproachesHerold, Ulf; Maurer, Raimond
2002 Inflation Risk Analysis of European Real Estate SecuritiesMaurer, Raimond; Sebastian, Steffen
2003 Return and Risk of German Open-End Real Estate FundsMaurer, Raimond; Reiner, Frank; Rogalla, Ralph
2003 Hedging the Exchange Rate Risk in International Portfolio Diversification: Currency Forwards versus Currency OptionsMaurer, Raimond; Valiani, Shohreh
2004 Characteristics of German Real Estate Return Distributions: Evidence from Germany and Comparison to the U.S. and U.K.Maurer, Raimond; Reiner, Frank; Sebastian, Steffen
2013 How family status and social security claiming options shape optimal life cycle portfoliosHubener, Andreas; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2013 Time is money: Life cycle rational inertia and delegation of investment managementKim, Hugh H.; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2014 Family status, social security claiming options, and life cycle portfoliosHubener, Andreas; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2015 The potential effect of offering lump sums as retirement paymentsMaurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph; Schimetschek, Tatjana
2015 Will they take the money and work? An empirical analysis of people's willingness to delay claiming social security benefits for a lump sumMaurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph; Schimetschek, Tatjana
2015 Accounting-based asset return smoothing in participating life annuities: Implications for annuitants, insurers, and policymakersMaurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph; Siegelin, Ivonne
2016 Putting the pension back in 401(k) plans: Optimal versus default longevity income annuitiesHorneff, Vanya; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2016 Older people's willingness to delay social security claimingMaurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.