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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Außengeld in berechenbaren Konjunkturmodellen: Modellstrukturen und numerische EigenschaftenMaußner, Alfred
2003 Determinants of Business Cycles in Small Scale Macroeconomic Models: The German CaseMaußner, Alfred; Spatz, Julius
2004 Computation of business cycle models : a comparison of numerical methodsHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2006 Business cycle dynamics of a new Keynesian overlapping generations model with progressive income taxationHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2007 The money-age distribution: empirical facts and limited monetary modelsHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred; McNelis, Paul D.
2007 Inflation and output dynamics in a model with labor market search and capital accumulationHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2008 A further note on a new class of solutions to dynamic programming problems arising in economic growthAntony, Jürgen; Maußner, Alfred
2008 Value function iteration as a solution method for the Ramsey modelHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2009 Computation of business-cycle models with the Generalized Schur MethodHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2010 Firm heterogeneity, credit constraints, and endogenous growthKlarl, Torben; Maußner, Alfred
2010 The analytics of New Keynesian Phillips curvesMaußner, Alfred
2010 A note on the computation of the equity premium and the market value of firm equityHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2010 Log-normal approximation of the equity premium in the production modelHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2011 Asset returns, the business cycle, and the labor market: A sensitivity analysis for the German economyHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2012 System reduction and the accuracy of solutions of DSGE models: A noteHeiberger, Christopher; Klarl, Torben; Maußner, Alfred
2012 A note on the uniqueness of solutions to rational expectations modelsHeiberger, Christopher; Klarl, Torben; Maußner, Alfred
2012 Asset pricing implications of a New Keynesian model: A noteHeer, Burkhard; Klarl, Torben; Maußner, Alfred
2014 Cyclical Asset Returns in the Consumption and Investment Goods SectorHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred; Süssmuth, Bernd
2018 Business cycle uncertainty and economic welfare revisitedHeiberger, Christopher; Maußner, Alfred