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2013 Hypergeorgism: When is Rent Taxation as a Remedy for Insufficient Capital Accumulation Socially Optimal?Edenhofer, Ottmar; Mattauch, Linus; Siegmeier, Jan
2013 Financing Public Capital through Land Rent Taxation: A Macroeconomic Henry George TheoremMattauch, Linus; Siegmeier, Jan; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Creutzig, Felix
2014 Public Investment when Capital is Back - Distributional Effects of Heterogeneous Saving BehaviorMattauch, Linus; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Klenert, David; BĂ©nard, Sophie
2014 Infrastructure and Inequality: Insights from Incorporating Key Economic Facts about Household HeterogeneityKlenert, David; Mattauch, Linus; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Lessmann, Kai
2015 A Public Finance Perspective on Climate Policy: Six Interactions That May Enhance WelfareSiegmeier, Jan; Mattauch, Linus; Franks, Max; Klenert, David; Schultes, Anselm; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2015 Climate Policy Enhances Efficiency: A Macroeconomic Portfolio EffectSiegmeier, Jan; Mattauch, Linus; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2017 Piketty meets Pasinetti: On public investment and intelligent machineryMattauch, Linus; Klenert, David; Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2018 Steering the Climate System: An Extended CommentMattauch, Linus; Millar, Richard; van der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon; Schultes, Anselm; Venmans, Frank; Bauer, Nico; Dietz, Simon; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Farrell, Niall; Hepburn, Cameron; Luderer, Gunnar; Pless, Jacquelyn; Spuler, Fiona; FBA, Nicholas Stern; Teytelboym, Alexander
2018 Pigou Pushes Preferences: Decarbonisation and Endogenous ValuesMattauch, Linus; Hepburn, Cameron; Stern, Nicholas
2020 Supporting carbon taxes: The role of fairnessSommer, Stephan; Mattauch, Linus; Pahle, Michael
2020 Healthy Climate, Healthy Bodies: Optimal Fuel Taxation and Physical Activityvan den Bijgaart, Inge; Klenert, David; Mattauch, Linus; Sulikova, Simona