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2010 The relative utility hypothesis with and without self-reported references wagesGarza, Adrián de la; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni; Sannabe, Atsushi; Yamada, Katsunori
2010 The relative utility hypothesis with and without self-reported reference wagesde la Garza, Adrian; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni; Sannabe, Atsushi; Yamada, Katsunori
2011 Migration restrictions and criminal behavior: Evidence from a natural experimentMastrobuoni, Giovanni; Pinotti, Paolo
2012 The incapacitation effect of incarceration: Evidence from several Italian collective pardonsBarbarino, Alessandro; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni
2012 Police and crime: Evidence from dictated delays in centralized police hiringBuonanno, Paolo; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni
2013 Beneath the Surface: The Decline in Gender Injury GapRazzolini, Tiziano; Leombruni, Roberto; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni; Pagliero, Mario
2014 The political economy of the disability insurance: Theory and evidence of gubernatorial learningIyengar, Radha; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni
2014 Legal status and the criminal activity of immigrantsMastrobuoni, Giovanni; Pinotti, Paolo
2014 The Value of Connections: Evidence from the Italian-American MafiaMastrobuoni, Giovanni
2014 Rationalizable Suicides: Evidence from Changes in Inmates' Expected Length of SentenceCampaniello, Nadia; Diasakos, Theodoros; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni
2015 Police Disruption and Performance: Evidence from Recurrent Redeployments within a CityMastrobuoni, Giovanni
2016 Criminal Discount Factors and DeterrenceMastrobuoni, Giovanni; Rivers, David A.
2016 Silence of the Innocents: Illegal Immigrants' Underreporting of Crime and their VictimizationComino, Stefano; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni; Nicolò, Antonio
2017 Optimizing Criminal Behavior and the Disutility of PrisonMastrobuoni, Giovanni; Rivers, David A.
2018 Police Patrols and CrimeBlanes i Vidal, Jordi; Mastrobuoni, Giovanni