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2006Punishment, inequality and emotionsMasclet, David; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2006Effort and comparison income: experimental and survey evidenceClark, Andrew E.; Masclet, David; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2008Never the same after the first time: the satisfaction of the second-generation self-employedClark, Andrew E.; Colombier, Nathalie; Masclet, David
2010Competitive preferences and status as an incentive: Experimental evidenceCharness, Gary; Masclet, David; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2010Threat and punishment in public good experimentsMasclet, David; Noussair, Charles N.; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2011Emotions, sanctions and cooperationJoffily, Mateus; Masclet, David; Noussair, Charles N.; Villeval, Marie Claire
2014Norm Enforcement in Social Dilemmas: An Experiment with Police CommissionersDickinson, David; Masclet, David; Villeval, Marie Claire
2016Can Transparency of Information Reduce Embezzlement? Experimental Evidence from TanzaniaDi Falco, Salvatore; Magdalou, Brice; Masclet, David; Villeval, Marie Claire; Willinger, Marc
2017Discrimination as Favoritism: The Private Benefits and Social Costs of In-group Favoritism in an Experimental Labor MarketDickinson, David L.; Masclet, David; Peterle, Emmanuel
2018Using Ethical Dilemmas to Predict Antisocial Choices with Real Payoff Consequences: An Experimental StudyDickinson, David L.; Masclet, David
2019Labor supply, taxation and the use of the tax revenues: A real-effort experiment in Canada, France, and GermanyKeser, Claudia; Masclet, David; Montmarquette, Claude
2019Incorporating Conditional Morality into Economic DecisionsMasclet, David; Dickinson, David L.
2020Are people conditionally honest? The effects of stakes and information about others' behaviorNecker, Sarah; Le Maux, Benoit; Masclet, David
2021Unethical Decision Making and Sleep Restriction: Experimental EvidenceDickinson, David L.; Masclet, David
2021Monetary incentives and the contagion of unethical behaviorLe Maux, Benoît; Masclet, David; Necker, Sarah
2021Monetary incentives and the contagion of unethical behaviorLe Maux, Benoît; Masclet, David; Necker, Sarah