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2009From the dual apprenticeship system to a dual labor market? The German high-skill equilibrium and the service economyEichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul
2009Institutional arrangements, employment performance and the quality of workEichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul; Tobsch, Verena
2009Kurzarbeit: Sinnvoller Konjunkturpuffer oder verlängertes Arbeitslosengeld?Eichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul
2009Reforming German labor market institutions: a dual path to flexibilityEichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul
2009Kurzarbeit: Sinnvoller Konjunkturpuffer oder verlängertes Arbeitslosengeld?Eichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul
2010The impact of the crisis on employment and the role of labour market institutionsEichhorst, Werner; Escudero, Verónica; Marx, Paul; Tobin, Steven
2010Employer preferences and social policy: Business and the development of job security regulations in Germany since World War IEmmenegger, Patrick; Marx, Paul
2010Crisis, what crisis? Patterns of adaptation in European labor marketsEichhorst, Werner; Feil, Michael; Marx, Paul
2010Whatever works: Dualisation and the service economy in Bismarckian welfare statesEichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul
2010Quantity over quality? A European comparison of the changing nature of transitions between non-employment and employmentEichhorst, Werner; Konle-Seidl, Regina; Koslowski, Alison; Marx, Paul
2011The use of flexible measures to cope with economic crises in Germany and BrazilEichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul; Pastore, José
2011The unequal incidence of non-standard employment across occupational groups: An empirical analysis of post-industrial labour markets in Germany and EuropeMarx, Paul
2011Schulergänzende Betreuung für Kinder: Status Quo und BeschäftigungswirkungEichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul; Tobsch, Verena
2012Do firms demand temporary workers when they face workload fluctuation? Cross-country firm-level evidence on the conditioning effect of employment protectionDräger, Vanessa; Marx, Paul
2013Non-Standard Employment across Occupations in Germany: The Role of Replaceability and Labour Market FlexibilityEichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul; Tobsch, Verena
2013Preferences for Employment Protection and the Insider-Outsider DivideGuillaud, Elvire; Marx, Paul
2014The Effect of Economic Change and Elite Framing on Economic Preferences: A Survey ExperimentMarx, Paul; Schumacher, Gijs
2016Labor Market Reforms in Europe: Towards More Flexicure Labor Markets?Eichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul; Wehner, Caroline
2017Labor market reforms in Europe: towards more flexicure labor markets?Eichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul; Wehner, Caroline
2019Anti-Elite Politics and Emotional Reactions to Socio-Economic Problems. Experimental Evidence on 'Pocketbook Anger' from France, Germany, and the United StatesMarx, Paul