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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Institutions in development: Five essays on politics, property rights and prosperityMarkussen, Thomas
2010 Serving the Public InterestMarkussen, Thomas; Tyran, Jean-Robert
2011 Self-Organization for collective action: An experimental study of voting on formal, informal, and no sanction regimesMarkussen, Thomas; Putterman, Louis; Tyran, Jean-Robert
2011 Political connections and investment in rural VietnamMarkussen, Thomas; Tarp, Finn
2012 Competition, cooperation, and collective choiceMarkussen, Thomas; Reuben, Ernesto; Tyran, Jean-Robert
2014 The happy farmer: Self-employment and subjective well-being in rural VietnamMarkussen, Thomas; Fibæk, Maria; Tarp, Finn; Tuan, Nguyen Do Anh
2015 Social and political capital in rural Viet NamMarkussen, Thomas
2015 Land issues in Vietnam 2006-14: Markets, property rights, and investmentMarkussen, Thomas
2016 Inter- and intra-farm land fragmentation in Viet NamMarkussen, Thomas; Tarp, Finn; Thiep, Do Huy; Tuan, Nguyen Do Anh
2017 Governing collective action in the face of observational errorMarkussen, Thomas; Putterman, Louis G.; Wang, Liangjun
2017 The effects of land titling in TanzaniaAikaeli, Jehovaness; Markussen, Thomas
2018 Economic and non-economic returns to Communist Party membership in Viet NamMarkussen, Thomas; Ngo Quang-Thanh
2020 Inequality, Institutions and CooperationMarkussen, Thomas; Sharma, Smriti; Singhal, Saurabh; Tarp, Finn
2020 Inequality, institutions, and cooperationMarkussen, Thomas; Sharma, Smriti; Singhal, Saurabh; Tarp, Finn