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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991International capital movement, trade policy and unemploymentMarjit, Sugata
1992Income distribution and the contractionary effect of protection: A theoretical analysisMarjit, Sugata; Kabiraj, Tarun
1992On generating efficiency through public-private joint venturesBroll, Udo; Marjit, Sugata
1992Labor market aspects of enclave-led growthJones, Ronald Winthrop; Marjit, Sugata
1994Cooperation among primary exporters: A theoretical frameworkMarjit, Sugata
1995The three faces of factor intensitiesBeladi, Hamid; Jones, Ronald Winthrop; Marjit, Sugata
1997Protection and the gainful effects of foreign capitalMarjit, Sugata; Beladi, Seyed Abdolhamid
1999Harassment, Corruption and Economic PolicyMarjit, Sugata; Mukherjee, Vivekananda; Mukherjee, Arijit
2002The informal sector as a substitute for social securityKolmar, Martin; Marjit, Sugata
2004Domestic labor, foreign capital and national welfareBroll, Udo; Hansen, Sabine; Marjit, Sugata
2004Evasive reform: Informalisation in a liberalised economy with wage-setting unionsDasgupta, Indraneel; Marjit, Sugata
2005Globalization, reform and the informal sectorMarjit, Sugata; Maiti, Dibyendu S.
2010Time Zones and Periodic Intra-Industry TradeKikuchi, Toru; Marjit, Sugata
2011An evaluation of the employment effects of barriers to outsourcingBandyopadhyay, Subhayu; Marjit, Sugata; Yang, Lei
2011Firm heterogeneity, informal wage and good governanceKar, Saibal; Marjit, Sugata
2012Conflicting measures of poverty and inadequate saving by the poor: The role of status-driven utility functionMarjit, Sugata
2016Tax Evasion, Corruption and tax LoopholesSeidel, André; Marjit, Sugata
2016Sustainabnility of Product Market Collusion under Credit Market ImperfectionsMarjit, Sugata; Mukherjee, Arijit; Yang, Lei
2017Distribution-neutral Welfare Ranking-Extending Pareto PrincipleMarjit, Sugata; Sarkar, Sandip
2017Inequality, Structure of Production and International Trade - The Role of Credit Market ImperfectionBeladi, Hamid; Marjit, Sugata; Misra, Suryaprakash