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2012 HIV, wages, and the skill premiumMarinescu, Ioana E.
2012 The impact of Colombia's pension and health insurance systems on informalityCalderón-Mejía, Valentina; Marinescu, Ioana E.
2015 The Sources of Wage Growth in a Developing CountryMarinescu, Ioana E.; Triyana, Margaret
2015 Opening the Black Box of the Matching Function: The Power of WordsMarinescu, Ioana E.; Wolthoff, Ronald P.
2015 Divorce: What Does Learning Have to Do with It?Marinescu, Ioana E.
2016 Can Fixed-Term Contracts Put Low Skilled Youth on a Better Career Path? Evidence from SpainGarcia Perez, J. Ignacio; Marinescu, Ioana E.; Vall-Castello, Judit
2017 Job search monitoring and assistance for the unemployedMarinescu, Ioana E.
2017 Labor Market ConcentrationAzar, José; Marinescu, Ioana E.; Steinbaum, Marshall
2018 The Labor Market Impacts of Universal and Permanent Cash Transfers: Evidence from the Alaska Permanent FundJones, Damon; Marinescu, Ioana E.
2018 Incentives Can Reduce Bias in Online ReviewsMarinescu, Ioana E.; Klein, Nadav; Chamberlain, Andrew; Smart, Morgan
2018 Concentration in US Labor Markets: Evidence from Online Vacancy DataAzar, José; Marinescu, Ioana E.; Steinbaum, Marshall; Taska, Bledi
2020 Does Electricity Drive Structural Transformation? Evidence from the United StatesGaggl, Paul; Gray, Rowena; Marinescu, Ioana E.; Morin, Miguel
2020 Wages, Hires, and Labor Market ConcentrationMarinescu, Ioana E.; Ouss, Ivan; Pape, Louis-Daniel
2021 Wage Inequality and Labor Rights ViolationsMarinescu, Ioana E.; Qiu, Yue; Sojourner, Aaron