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2010 Real wages and the business cycle in GermanyMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas
2010 Real Wages and the Business Cycle in GermanyBeissinger, Thomas; Marczak, Martyna
2010 Real wages and the business cycles in GermanyMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas
2012 Cyclicality of real wages in the USA and Germany: New insights from wavelet analysisMarczak, Martyna; Gómez, Víctor
2012 SPECTRAN, a set of Matlab programs for Spectral analysisMarczak, Martyna; Gómez, Víctor
2013 Monthly US business cycle indicators: A new multivariate approach based on a band-pass filterMarczak, Martyna; Gómez, Victor
2014 Outlier detection in structural time series models: The indicator saturation approachMarczak, Martyna; Proietti, Tommaso
2015 EuroMInd-D: A density estimate of monthly gross domestic product for the euro areaProietti, Tommaso; Marczak, Martyna; Mazzi, Gianluigi
2015 Bidirectional relationship between investor sentiment and excess returns: New evidence from the wavelet perspectiveMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas
2015 A data-cleaning augmented Kalman filter for robust estimation of state space modelsMarczak, Martyna; Proietti, Tommaso; Grassi, Stefano
2015 Outlier Detection in Structural Time Series Models: the Indicator Saturation ApproachMarczak, Martyna; Proietti, Tommaso
2016 Illuminating the world cup effect: Night lights evidence from South AfricaPfeifer, Gregor; Wahl, Fabian; Marczak, Martyna
2016 Bidirectional Relationship between Investor Sentiment and Excess Returns: New Evidence from the Wavelet PerspectiveMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas
2018 Competitiveness at the country-sector level: New measures based on global value chainsMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas
2018 Competitiveness at the Country-Sector Level: New Measures Based on Global Value ChainsMarczak, Martyna; Beissinger, Thomas
2020 Divergence in Labour Force Growth: Should Wages and Prices Grow Faster in Germany?Beissinger, Thomas; Hellier, Joël; Marczak, Martyna