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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Behavioral social learningMarch, Christoph; Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2012 Do we follow private information when we should? Laboratory evidence on naϊve herdingMarch, Christoph; Krügel, Sebastian; Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2012 "Do we follow others when we should? A simple test of rational expectations": CommentZiegelmeyer, Anthony; March, Christoph; Krügel, Sebastian
2016 Asymmetric Discouragement in Asymmetric ContestsMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2016 Coordinating Intergenerational Redistribution and the Repayment of Public DebtMarch, Christoph; von Weizsäcker, Robert K.
2016 Pay Few Subjects but Pay Them Well: Cost-Effectiveness of Random Incentive SystemsMarch, Christoph; Ziegelmeyer, Anthony; Greiner, Ben; Cyranek, René
2016 Altruistic Observational LearningMarch, Christoph; Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2016 Adaptive Social LearningMarch, Christoph
2016 Asymmetric discouragement in asymmetric contestsMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2017 Contests as Selection Mechanisms: The Impact of Risk AversionMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2017 Contests as selection mechanisms: The impact of risk aversionMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2018 Excessive Herding in the Laboratory: The Role of Intuitive JudgmentsMarch, Christoph; Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2019 The perks of being in the smaller team: Incentives in overlapping contestsMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2019 The behavioral economics of artificial intelligence: Lessons from experiments with computer playersMarch, Christoph
2019 The Perks of Being in the Smaller Team: Incentives in Overlapping ContestsMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco