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2009 The effect of neighbourhood housing tenure mix on labour market outcomes: a longitudinal perspectivevan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2010 Social mobility: is there an advantage in being English in Scotland?van Ham, Maarten; Findlay, Allan; Manley, David; Feijten, Peteke
2010 Living in deprived neighbourhoods in Scotland. Occupational mobility and neighbourhood effects.Manley, David; Van Ham, Maarten
2010 Social mobility: Is there a benefit of being English in Scotland?Ham, Maarten Van; Findlay, Allan; Manley, David; Feijten, Peteke
2010 Neighbourhood effects, housing tenure, and individual employment outcomesManley, David; Harn, Maarten van
2010 Neighbourhood choice and neighbourhood reproductionBergström, Lina; Ham, Maarten van; Manley, David
2011 Social mixing as a cure for negative neighbourhood effects: Evidence based policy or urban myth?Manley, David; van Ham, Maarten; Doherty, Joe
2012 Segregation, choice based letting and social housing: How housing policy can affect the segregation processvan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2012 Cumulative exposure to disadvantage and the intergenerational transmission of neighbourhood effectsHedman, Lina; Manley, David; van Ham, Maarten; Östh, John
2012 Intergenerational transmission of neighbourhood poverty in Sweden: An innovative analysis of individual neighbourhood historiesvan Ham, Maarten; Hedman, Lina; Manley, David; Coulter, Rory
2012 Neighbourhood effects research at a crossroads: Ten challenges for future researchvan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2012 Neighbourhood Effects Research at a Crossroads: Ten Challenges for Future Researchvan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2013 Occupational Mobility and Living in Deprived Neighbourhoods: Housing Tenure Differences in 'Neighbourhood Effects'van Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2016 Trajectories of Neighborhood Change: Spatial Patterns of Increasing Ethnic DiversityZwiers, Merle; van Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2017 Does Segregation Reduce Socio-Spatial Mobility? Evidence from Four European Countries with Different Inequality and Segregation ContextsNieuwenhuis, Jaap; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten; Hedman, Lina; Manley, David
2017 Sorting out Neighbourhood Effects Using Sibling DataHedman, Lina; Manley, David; van Ham, Maarten
2018 Freedom from the Tyranny of Neighbourhood: Rethinking Socio-Spatial Context EffectsPetrović, Ana; Manley, David; van Ham, Maarten
2018 Experienced and Inherited Disadvantage: A Longitudinal Study of Early Adulthood Neighbourhood Careers of SiblingsManley, David; van Ham, Maarten; Hedman, Lina