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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Testing multiple non-nested factor demand systemsManera, Matteo; MacAleer, Michael
2002 Forecasting volatility in European stock markets with non-linear GARCH modelsForte, Gianfranco; Manera, Matteo
2002 Rockets and feathers revisited: An international comparison on European gasoline marketsGaleotti, Marzio; Lanza, Alessandro; Manera, Matteo
2003 STAR-GARCH Models for Stock Market Interactions in the Pacific Basin Region, Japan and USBusetti, Giorgio; Manera, Matteo
2003 Modelling the Load Curve of Aggregate Electricity Consumption Using Principal ComponentsManera, Matteo; Marzullo, Angelo
2003 Oil and Product Price Dynamics in International Petroleum MarketsLanza, Alessandro; Manera, Matteo; Giovannini, Massimo
2003 Long-run Models of Oil Stock PricesLanza, Alessandro; Manera, Matteo; Grasso, Margherita; Giovannini, Massimo
2004 Modelling Dynamic Conditional Correlations in WTI Oil Forward and Futures ReturnsManera, Matteo; Lanza, Alessandro; McAleer, Michael
2004 Conditional Correlations in the Returns on Oil Companies Stock Prices and Their DeterminantsManera, Matteo; Giovannini, Massimo; Grasso, Margherita; Lanza, Alessandro
2005 Modeling Factor Demands with SEM and VAR: An Empirical ComparisonManera, Matteo
2005 Hunting the Living Dead A “Peso Problem” in Corporate Liabilities DataManera, Matteo; Cherubini, Umberto
2005 Econometric Models of Asymmetric Price TransmissionManera, Matteo; Frey, Giliola
2005 Oil Prices, Inflation and Interest Rates in a Structural Cointegrated VAR Model for the G-7 CountriesManera, Matteo; Cologni, Alessandro
2005 Asymmetric Error Correction Models for the Oil-Gasoline Price RelationshipManera, Matteo; Grasso, Margherita
2006 On the Robustness of Robustness Checks of the Environmental Kuznets CurveGaleotti, Marzio; Manera, Matteo; Lanza, Alessandro
2006 Pricing and Hedging Illiquid Energy Derivatives:an Application to the JCC IndexManera, Matteo; Scarpa, Elisa
2006 The Asymmetric Effects of Oil Shocks on Output Growth: A Markov-Switching Analysis for the G-7 CountriesManera, Matteo; Cologni, Alessandro
2007 Evaluating the Empirical Performance of Alternative Econometric Models for Oil Price ForecastingManera, Matteo; Longo, Chiara; Markandya, Anil; Scarpa, Elisa
2008 Industrial coal demand in China: A provincial analysisCattaneo, Cristina; Manera, Matteo; Scarpa, Elisa
2008 Economietric models for electricity prices: A critical surveySerati, Massimiliano; Manera, Matteo; Plotegher, Michele