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2006 Business cycles: A role for imperfect competition in the banking systemMandelman, Federico S.
2007 Microentrepreneurship and the business cycle: Is self-employment a desired outcome?Mandelman, Federico S.; Montes Rojas, Gabriel V.
2008 Technology shocks, employment, and labor market frictionsMandelman, Federico S.; Zanetti, Francesco
2008 Remittances, exchange rate regimes, and the Dutch disease: A panel data analysisLartey, Emmanuel K. K.; Mandelman, Federico S.; Acosta, Pablo A.
2009 Business cycles and monetary regimes in emerging economies: A role for a monopolistic banking sectorMandelman, Federico S.
2009 Remittances and the Dutch diseaseAcosta, Pablo A.; Lartey, Emmanuel K. K.; Mandelman, Federico S.
2009 Financial development, remittances, and real exchange rate appreciationAcosta, Pablo A.; Baerg, Nicole Rae; Mandelman, Federico S.
2010 Investment-specific technology shocks and international business cycles: An empirical assessmentMandelman, Federico S.; Rabanal, Pau; Rubio-Ramírez, Juan F.; Vilán, Diego
2011 Monetary and exchange rate policy under remittance fluctuationsMandelman, Federico S.
2012 Immigration, remittances, and business cyclesMandelman, Federico S.; Zlate, Andrei
2013 Flexible prices, labor market frictions, and the response of employment to technology shocksMandelman, Federico S.; Zanetti, Francesco
2013 Labor market polarization and international macroeconomic dynamicsMandelman, Federico S.
2014 Remittances, entrepreneurship, and employment dynamics over the business cycleFinkelstein Shapiro, Alan; Mandelman, Federico S.
2014 Offshoring, low-skilled immigration, and labor market polarizationMandelman, Federico S.; Zlate, Andrei
2019 Intellectual property, tariffs, and international trade dynamicsMandelman, Federico S.; Waddle, Andrea
2019 Search complementarities, aggregate fluctuations, and fiscal policyFernández-Villaverde, Jesús; Mandelman, Federico S.; Yu, Yang; Zanetti, Francesco
2019 Digital adoption, automation, and labor markets in developing and emerging economiesFinkelstein Shapiro, Alan; Mandelman, Federico S.
2021 The "Matthew effect" and market concentration: Search complementarities and monopsony powerFernández-Villaverde, Jesús; Mandelman, Federico S.; Yu, Yang; Zanetti, Francesco