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1998Externalities, growth, and regional stagnationMaier, Gunther
2000Stated Preferences For Transport Among Industrial Cluster FirmsMaier, Gunther; Bergman, Edward M.
2001Does space finally matter? The Position of New Economic Geography in Economic JournalsLehner, Patrick; Maier, Gunther
2004Regional development, Absorption problems and the EU Structural FundsHorvat, Andrej; Maier, Gunther
2004The Networks of ERSAMaier, Gunther; Dijk, Jouke Van
2005What do we think are the most important journals in regional science?Maier, Gunther
2005Internal Migration between US States - A Social Network AnalysisMaier, Gunther; Vyborny, Michael
2006Urban Sprawl. How Useful Is This Concept?Maier, Gunther; Franz, Gerald; Schrock, Pia
2008ICT diffusion, innovation systems, globalisation and regional economic dynamics: Theory and empirical evidenceKarlsson, Charlie; Maier, Gunther; Trippl, Michaela; Siedschlag, Iulia; Owen, Robert; Murphy, Gavin
2011New Knowledge for Old Regions? The Case of the Software Park Hagenberg in the Traditional Industrial Region of Upper AustriaMaier, Gunther; Trippl, Michaela
2011Comparing U.S. and European Views of University Involvement in Economic DevelopmentGoldstein, Harvey; Bergman, Edward; Maier, Gunther
2014OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia MapMaier, Gunther
2015Why you should publish open accessMaier, Gunther
2016LaTeX: Know what you are missingMaier, Gunther
2020Special Issue: The potential of notebooks for scientific publication: Reproducibility, and disseminationRowe, Francisco; Maier, Gunther; Arribas-Bel, Daniel; Rey, Sergio J.
2020The potential of notebooks for scientific publication, reproducibility and disseminationRowe, Francisco; Maier, Gunther; Arribas-Bel, Daniel; Rey, Sergio J.