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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Multidimensional poverty in Nigeria: First order dominance approachAjakaiye, Olu; Jerome, Afeikhena T.; Olaniyan, Olanrewaju; Mahrt, Kristi; Alaba, Olufunke A.
2014 Multi-dimensional poverty analysis for Tanzania: First order dominance approach with discrete indicatorsArndt, Channing; Leyaro, Vincent; Mahrt, Kristi
2014 Multidimensional welfare in districts of Zambia: A first order dominance approachMasumbu, Gibson; Mahrt, Kristi
2015 Spatial and temporal analyses of women's wellbeing in the Democratic Republic of the CongoNanivazo, Malokele; Mahrt, Kristi
2015 Poverty trends in PakistanHina, Nazli; Whitney, Edward; Mahrt, Kristi
2015 Estimating multidimensional poverty in ZambiaMahrt, Kristi; Masumbu, Gibson
2015 Estimating multidimensional childhood poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2007 through 2013Mahrt, Kristi; Nanivazo, Malokele
2015 Spatial and temporal multidimensional poverty in NigeriaAjakaiye, Olu; Jerome, Afeikhena T.; Olaniyan, Olanrewaju; Mahrt, Kristi; Alaba, Olufunke A.
2016 A review of consumption poverty estimation for MozambiqueArndt, Channing; Jones, Sam; Mahrt, Kristi; Salvucci, Vincenzo; Tarp, Finn
2016 Multidimensional assessment of child welfare for TanzaniaArndt, Channing; Leyaro, Vincent; Mahrt, Kristi; Tarp, Finn
2016 Absolute poverty linesArndt, Channing; Mahrt, Kristi; Tarp, Finn
2017 On the poverty-growth elasticityArndt, Channing; Mahrt, Kristi; Schimanski, Caroline
2017 Is inequality underestimated in Mozambique? Accounting for underreported consumptionArndt, Channing; Mahrt, Kristi
2017 A human rights-consistent approach to multidimensional welfare measurement applied to sub-Saharan AfricaArndt, Channing; Mahrt, Kristi; Hussain, M. Azhar; Tarp, Finn
2018 Multidimensional poverty of children in MozambiqueMahrt, Kristi; Rossi, Andrea; Salvucci, Vincenzo; Tarp, Finn