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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 On the origins of the Franco-German EMU controversiesMaes, Ivo
2003 The process of European monetary integration: a comparison of the Belgian and Italian approachesMaes, Ivo; Quaglia, Lucia
2004 Macroeconomic and monetary policy-making at the European Commission, from the Rome Treaties to the Hague SummitMaes, Ivo
2007 The spread of Keynesian economics: a comparison of the Belgian and Italian experiencesMaes, Ivo
2009 The young Lamfalussy: an empirical and policy-oriented growth theoristMaes, Ivo
2009 On the origins of the BIS macro-prudential approach to financial stability: Alexandre Lamfalussy and financial fragilityMaes, Ivo
2010 A century of macroeconomic and monetary thought at the National Bank of BelgiumMaes, Ivo
2011 The evolution of Alexandre Lamfalussy's thought on the international and European monetary system (1961-1993)Maes, Ivo
2012 On the origins of the Triffin dilemma: Empirical business cycle analysis and imperfect competition theoryMaes, Ivo
2012 Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and the origins of the euroMaes, Ivo
2013 The BIS and the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980sClement, Piet; Maes, Ivo
2016 La Belgique et l'Europe dans la tourmente monétaire des années 1970: Entretiens avec Jacques van YperseleVan Ypersele de Strihou, Jacques; Maes, Ivo; Péters, Sabine
2016 The European Payments Union and the origins of Triffin's regional approach towards international monetary integrationMaes, Ivo; Pasotti, Ilaria
2018 Alexandre Lamfalussy and the monetary policy debates among central bankers during the Great InflationMaes, Ivo; Clement, Piet
2018 Paul van Zeeland and the first decade of the US Federal Reserve System: The analysis from a European central banker who was a student of KemmererMaes, Ivo; Gómez, Rebeca