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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 The role of the exchange rate in economic growth: a euro-zone perspectiveMacDonald, Ronald
2000 A real differential view of equilibrium real exchange rates and misalignmentsHoffmann, Mathias; MacDonald, Ronald
2000 Concepts to Calculate Equilibrium Exchange Rates: An OverviewMacDonald, Ronald
2001 PPP and the Balassa Samuelson Effect: the Role of the Distribution SectorMacDonald, Ronald; Ricci, Luca
2002 Markov switching regimes in a monetary exchange rate modelFrömmel, Michael; MacDonald, Ronald; Menkhoff, Lukas
2003 A Re-examination of the Link between Real Exchange Rates and Real Interest Rate DifferentialsHoffmann, Mathias; MacDonald, Ronald
2003 Catching Up: The Role of Demand, Supply and Regulated Price Effects on the Real Exchange Rates of Four Accession CountriesMacDonald, Ronald; Wójcik, Cezary
2003 Do fundamentals matter for the D-Mark/Euro - Dollar? : A regime switching approachMenkhoff, Lukas; MacDonald, Ronald; Froemmel, Michael
2005 Trade costs, trade balances and current accounts : an application of gravity to multilateral tradeFazio, Giorgio; MacDonald, Ronald; Melitz, Jacques
2005 Non-linear exchange rate dynamics in target zones : a bumpy road towards a honeymoon ; some evidence from the ERM, ERM2 and selected new EU member statesCrespo-Cuaresma, Jesús; Égert, Balázs; MacDonald, Ronald
2006 Monetary transmission mechanism in transition economies: Surveying the surveyableMacDonald, Ronald; Égert, Balázs
2006 Transmission mechanism in transition economies: surveying the surveyableÉgert, Balázs; MacDonald, Ronald
2006 Catching-up, inflation differentials and credit booms in a heterogeneous monetary union: some implications for EMU and new EU member statesMacDonald, Ronald; Wójcik, Cezary
2009 Exchange rate forecasters' performance: Evidence of skill?MacDonald, Ronald; Menkhoff, Lukas; Rebitzky, Rafael R.
2009 The behavioural zloty/euro equilibrium exchange rateBeza-Bojanowska, Joanna; MacDonald, Ronald
2010 A panel data investigation of real exchange rate misalignment and growthMacDonald, Ronald; Vieira, Flávio
2011 Individual exchange rate forecasts and expected fundamentalsDick, Christian D.; MacDonald, Ronald; Menkhoff, Lukas
2014 An Independent Scotland's Currency Options Redux: Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Currency ChoiceMacDonald, Ronald
2014 Carry Funding and Safe Haven Currencies: A Threshold Regression ApproachHossfeld, Oliver; MacDonald, Ronald
2014 Exchange rate forecasts and expected fundamentalsDick, Christian D.; MacDonald, Ronald; Menkhoff, Lukas