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2010Taking punishment into your own hands: An experiment on the motivation underlying punishmentDuersch, Peter; Müller, Julia
2011More than Meets the Eye: an Eye-tracking Experiment on the Beauty Contest GameMüller, Julia; Schwieren, Christiane
2011Can Personality Explain what is Underlying Women's Unwillingness to Compete?Müller, Julia; Schwieren, Christiane
2013Taking Punishment into Your Own Hands: An ExperimentDuersch, Peter; Müller, Julia
2013Centralised Labour Market NegotiationsMüller, Julia; Upmann, Thorsten
2013The Structure of Firm-Specific Labour UnionsUpmann, Thorsten; Müller, Julia
2013Individual Team Productivity - A Conceptual ApproachMüller, Julia; Upmann, Thorsten; Prinz, Joachim
2016The Rich Domain of Ambiguity ExploredMüller, Julia; Li, Zhihua; Wakker, Peter P.; Wang, Tong V.
2017Eigenvalue Productivity: Measurement of Individual Contributions in TeamsMüller, Julia; Upmann, Thorsten
2017Is trustworthiness written on the face?Dilger, Alexander; Müller, Julia; Müller, Michael
2017Verzerrungen bei Personalbeurteilungen durch FührungskräfteMüller, Julia
2018Identifying leadership skills required in the digital ageKlus, Milan F.; Müller, Julia
2019The dynamics of political myths and ideologiesApolte, Thomas; Müller, Julia
2019The digital leader: What one needs to master today's organisational challengesKlus, Milan Frederik; Müller, Julia
2020Identifying Leadership Skills Required in the Digital AgeKlus, Milan Frederik; Müller, Julia