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2003 Why Some Firms Train Apprentices and Many Others Do NotWolter, Stefan C.; Mühlemann, Samuel; Schweri, Juerg
2005 A structural model of demand for apprenticesMühlemann, Samuel; Schweri, Jürg; Winkelmann, Rainer; Wolter, Stefan C.
2009 Apprenticeship training and the business cycleMühlemann, Samuel; Wolter, Stefan C.; Wüest, Adrian
2011 Monopsony power, pay structure and trainingMühlemann, Samuel; Ryan, Paul; Wolter, Stefan
2012 Hiring costs of skilled workers and the supply of firm-provided trainingBlatter, Marc; Mühlemann, Samuel; Schenker, Samuel; Wolter, Stefan
2012 Works councils, collective bargaining and apprenticeship trainingKriechel, Ben; Mühlemann, Samuel; Pfeifer, Harald; Schuette, Miriam
2013 The Structure of Hiring Costs in Germany: Evidence from Firm-Level DataMühlemann, Samuel; Pfeifer, Harald
2015 Ten Facts You Need To Know About HiringMühlemann, Samuel; Strupler Leiser, Mirjam
2017 So Similar and Yet So Different: A Comparative Analysis of a Firm's Cost and Benefits of Apprenticeship Training in Austria and SwitzerlandMoretti, Luca; Mayerl, Martin; Mühlemann, Samuel; Schlögl, Peter; Wolter, Stefan C.
2018 The Effects of Supply Shocks in the Market for Apprenticeships: Evidence from a German High School ReformMühlemann, Samuel; Pfann, Gerard A.; Pfeifer, Harald; Dietrich, Hans
2019 Ausbildungsqualität in Betrieben: Welchen Beitrag leistet die betriebliche Mitbestimmung?Berger, Klaus; Eberhard, Christiane; Koch, Benno; Mühlemann, Samuel; Pfeifer, Harald; Raecke, Julia
2020 The Effect of Business Cycle Expectations on the German Apprenticeship Market: Estimating the Impact of COVID-19Mühlemann, Samuel; Pfeifer, Harald; Wittek, Bernhard
2020 Schulschließungen, fehlende Ausbildungsplätze, keine Jobs: Generation ohne Zukunft?Anger, Silke; Sandner, Malte; Danzer, Alexander M.; Plünnecke, Axel; Köller, Olaf; Weber, Enzo; Mühlemann, Samuel; Pfeifer, Harald; Wittek, Bernhard