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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Explaining the Wealth Holdings of Different Cohorts: Productivity Growth and Social SecurityKapteyn, Arie; Alessie, Rob; Lusardi, Annamaria
2002 Credit Market Constraints and Labor Market DecisionsDel Boca, Daniela; Lusardi, Annamaria
2005 Disentangling the importance of the precautionary saving motiveKennickell, Arthur; Lusardi, Annamaria
2006 Baby boomer retirement security: The roles of planning, financial literacy, and Housing wealthLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2006 Precautionary savings and the importance of business ownersHurst, Erik; Kennickell, Arthur; Lusardi, Annamaria; Torralba, Francisco
2007 Financial literacy and retirement planning: New evidence from the Rand American Life PanelLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2007 Financial literacy and stock market participationvan Rooij, Maarten; Lusardi, Annamaria; Alessie, Rob J. M.
2007 Household saving behavior: The role of literacy, information and financial education programsLusardi, Annamaria
2007 The reaction of consumer spending and debt to tax rebates: Evidence from consumer credit dataLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2007 Financial literacy and retirement preparedness: Evidence and implications for financial education programsLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2008 Increasing the effectiveness of financial education in the workplaceLusardi, Annamaria
2008 Financial literacy: An essential tool for informed consumer choice?Lusardi, Annamaria
2008 Planning and financial literacy: How do women fare?Lusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2009 The importance of financial literacyLusardi, Annamaria
2009 Debt literacy, financial experiences, and overindebtednessLusardi, Annamaria; Tufano, Peter
2010 Financial literacy among the young: Evidence and implications for consumer policyLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Curto, Vilsa
2010 How ordinary consumers make complex economic decisions: Financial literacy and retirement readinessLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2010 The economic crisis and medical care usageLusardi, Annamaria; Schneider, Daniel; Tufano, Peter
2011 Financial literacy, retirement planning, and household wealthvan Rooij, Maarten; Lusardi, Annamaria; Alessie, Rob J. M.
2012 Financial sophistication in the older populationLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Curto, Vilsa