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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 The misperception of inflation by Irish consumersDuffy, David; Lunn, Pete
2009 The games we used to play: An application of survival analysis to the sporting life-courseLunn, Pete
2009 A computational theory of exchange: Willingness to pay, willingness to accept and the endowment effectLunn, Pete; Lunn, Mary
2009 Accounting for taste: An examination of socioeconomic gradients in attendance at arts eventsLunn, Pete; Kelly, Elish
2010 The euro through the looking-glass: Perceived inflation following the 2002 currency changeoverLunn, Pete; Duffy, David
2011 What can I get for it? A theoretical and empirical re-analysis of the endowment effectLunn, Pete; Lunn, Mary
2011 Telecommunications consumers: A behavioural economic analysisLunn, Pete
2011 The role of decision-making biases in Ireland's banking crisisLunn, Pete
2012 Behavioural economics and policymaking: Learning from the early adoptersLunn, Pete
2013 Are consumer decision-making phenomena a fourth market failure?Lunn, Pete
2014 Worth a try: A statistical analysis of Brian O'Driscoll's contribution to the Irish rugby teamLunn, Pete; Duffy, David
2014 What can I get for it? The relationship between the choice equivalent, willingness to accept and willingness to payLunn, Pete; Lunn, Mary
2014 A computational theory of willingness to exchangeLunn, Pete; Lunn, Mary
2016 The Surplus Identification task and limits to multi-attribute consumer choiceLunn, Pete; Bohacek, Marek; McGowan, Féidhlim
2016 Price transparency in residential electricity: Experiments for regulatory policyLunn, Pete; Bohacek, Marek
2018 Using behavioural experiments to pre-test policyLunn, Pete; Robertson, Deirdre
2018 Do some financial product features negatively affect consumer decisions? A review of evidenceLunn, Pete; McGowan, Féidhlim P.; Howard, Noel
2018 The framing of options for retirement: Experimental tests for policyMcGowan, Féidhlim P.; Lunn, Pete; Robertson, Deirdre A.
2018 Do consumers understand PCP car finance? An experimental investigationMcElvaney, Terry; Lunn, Pete; McGowan, Féidhlim
2018 Supporting decision-making in retirement planning: Do diagrams on pension benefit statements help?Lunn, Pete; McGowan, Féidhlim