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2006Uncovered set choice ruleLombardi, Michele
2007Uncovered bargaining solutionsLombardi, Michele; Mariotti, Marco
2007What kind of preference maximization does the weak axiom of revealed non-inferiority characterize?Lombardi, Michele
2007Reason-based choice correspondencesLombardi, Michele
2008Alternative characterizations of the proportional solution for nonconvex bargaining problems with claimsLombardi, Michele; Yoshihara, Naoki
2009Liberal egalitarianism and the harm principleLombardi, Michele; Veneziani, Roberto
2009Liberal principles for social welfare relations in infinitely-lived societiesLombardi, Michele; Veneziani, Roberto
2013Liberal Egalitarianism and the Harm PrincipleLombardi, Michele; Miyagishima, Kaname; Veneziani, Roberto
2014Natural implementation with partially-honest agents in economic environments with free-disposalLombardi, Michele; Yoshihara, Naoki
2017Treading a fine line: (im)possibilities for Nash implementation with partiallyhonest individualsLombardi, Michele; Yoshihara, Naoki
2017Partially-honest Nash implementation: A full characterizationLombardi, Michele; Yoshihara, Naoki
2017Natural implementation with semi-responsible agents in pure exchange economiesLombardi, Michele; Yoshihara, Naoki
2021An Implementation Approach to Rotation ProgramsKorpela, Ville; Lombardi, Michele; Saulle, Riccardo D.
2021Implementation with farsighted agentsKorpela, Ville; Lombardi, Michele; Vartiainen, Hannu
2021Behavioral Strong ImplementationHayashi, Takashi; Jain, Ritesh; Korpela, Ville; Lombardi, Michele
2021Partial equilibrium mechanism and inter-sectoral coordination: An experimentHanaki, Nobuyuki; Hayashi, Takashi; Lombardi, Michele; Ogawa, Kazuhito
2021An implementation approach to rotation programsKorpela, Ville; Lombardi, Michele; Saulle, Riccardo D.