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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Income uncertaintyand household savings in ChinaChamon, Marcos; Liu, Kai; Prasad, Eswar
2012 Good skills in bad times: Cyclical skill mismatch and the long-term effects of graduating in a recessionLiu, Kai; Salvanes, Kjell G.; Sørensen, Erik Ø.
2014 Political uncertainty and household savingsAaberge, Rolf; Liu, Kai; Zhu, Yu
2014 Political Uncertainty and Household SavingsAaberge, Rolf; Liu, Kai; Zhu, Yu
2015 Wage Risk and the Value of Job Mobility in Early Employment CareersLiu, Kai
2015 Explaining the Gender Wage Gap: Estimates from a Dynamic Model of Job Changes and Hours ChangesLiu, Kai
2015 Insuring against Health Shocks: Health Insurance and Household ChoicesLiu, Kai
2015 Life-Cycle and Intergenerational Effects of Child Care ReformsChan, Marc K.; Liu, Kai
2016 Explaining the gender wage gap: Estimates from a dynamic model of job changes and hours changesLiu, Kai
2018 The supply of skill and endogenous technical change: Evidence from a college expansion reformCarneiro, Pedro M.; Liu, Kai; Salvanes, Kjell G.
2018 The Supply of Skill and Endogenous Technical Change: Evidence from a College Expansion ReformCarneiro, Pedro; Liu, Kai; Salvanes, Kjell G.
2018 Life-cycle and intergenerational effects of child care reformsChan, Marc K.; Liu, Kai
2019 Understanding Program Complementarities: Estimating the Dynamic Effects of a Training Program with Multiple AlternativesDalla-Zuanna, Antonio; Liu, Kai