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2004 Estimating Energy Demand Elasticities for OECD Countries. A Dynamic Panel Data ApproachLiu, Gang
2006 A Behavioral Model of Work-trip Mode Choice in ShanghaiLiu, Gang
2006 A causality analysis on GDP and air emissions in NorwayLiu, Gang
2006 On Nash equilibrium in prices in an oligopolistic market with demand characterized by a nested multinomial logit model and multiproduct firm as nestLiu, Gang
2006 A Framework for Analyzing Rank Ordered Panel Data with Application to Automobile DemandDagsvik, John K.; Liu, Gang
2006 Unit Roots, Polynomial Transformations and the Environmental Kuznets CurveLiu, Gang; Skjerpen, Terje; Swensen, Anders Rygh; Telle, Kjetil
2008 How well do tree plantations comply with the twin targets of the Clean Development Mechanism? The case of tree plantations in TanzaniaGlomsrød, Solveig; Liu, Gang; Wei, Taoyuan; Aune, Jens B.
2009 Subsidising carbon capture. Effects on energy prices and market shares in the power marketAune, Finn Roar; Liu, Gang; Rosendahl, Knut Einar; Sagen, Eirik Lund
2015 A stylized satellite account for human capitalLiu, Gang
2017 The middle-income trap and the manufacturing transformation of the People's Republic of China (PRC): Asian experience and the PRC's industrial policy orientationHuang, Qunhui; Liu, Gang; He, Jun; Jiang, Feitao; Huang, Yanghua
2020 A Brief Introduction to Human Capital MeasuresLiu, Gang; Fraumeni, Barbara M.