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2002Chasing the smokestack: Strategic policymaking with multiple instrumentsFredriksson, Per G.; List, John A.; Millimet, Daniel L.
2004Cyclicality and the Labor Market for EconomistsGallet, Craig Arthur; List, John A.; Orazem, Peter F.
2008Matching and challenge gifts to charity: evidence from laboratory and natural field experimentsRondeau, Daniel; List, John A.
2008Using field experiments in the economics of charityList, John A.
2008Field experiments in economics: Palgrave entryList, John A.; Reiley, David
2009Do Women Supply more Public Goods than Men?: Preliminary Experimental Evidence from Matrilineal and Patriarchal SocietiesAndersen, Steffen; Bulte, Erwin; Gneezy, Uri; List, John A.
2011Stakes Matter in Ultimatum GamesAndersen, Steffen; ErtaƧ, Seda; Gneezy, Uri; Hoffman , Moshe; List, John A.
2012The behavioralist goes to school: Leveraging behavioral economics to improve educational performanceLevitt, Steven D.; List, John A.; Neckermann, Susanne; Sado, Sally
2013One swallow doesn't make a summer: New evidence on anchoring effectsManiadis, Zacharias; Tufano, Fabio; List, John A.
2013Toward an Understanding of why Suggestions Work in Charitable Fundraising: Theory and Evidence from a Natural Field ExperimentEdwards, James T.; List, John A.
2013Testing the Theory of Multitasking: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment in Chinese FactoriesHong, Fuhai; Hossain, Tanjim; List, John A.; Tanaka, Migiwa
2013On the Generalizability of Experimental Results in Economics: With a Response to CommentorsAl-Ubaydli, Omar; List, John A.
2015On the Origins of Dishonesty: From Parents to ChildrenHouser, Daniel; List, John A.; Piovesan, Marco; Samek, Anya; Winter, Joachim K.
2015Estimating Individual Ambiguity Aversion: A Simple ApproachGneezy, Uri; Imas, Alex; List, John A.
2015Learned generosity? A field experiment with parents and their childrenBen-Ner, Avner; List, John A.; Putterman, Louis; Samek, Anya
2019Behavior in strategic settings: Evidence from a million rock-paper-scissors gamesBatzilis, Dimitris; Jaffe, Sonia; Levitt, Steven D.; List, John A.; Picel, Jeffrey
2019Are estimates of early education programs too pessimistic? Evidence from a large-scale field experiment that causally measures neighbor effectsList, John A.; Momeni, Fatemeh; Zenou, Yves
2020The Social Side of Early Human Capital Formation: Using a Field Experiment to Estimate the Causal Impact of NeighborhoodsList, John A.; Momeni, Fatemeh; Zenou, Yves
2020Productivity versus motivation in adolescent human capital production: Evidence from a structurally-motivated field experimentCotton, Christopher; Hickman, Brent R.; List, John A.; Price, Joseph; Roy, Sutanuka