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2007 Big business and quality of institutions in the post-Soviet space: Spatial aspectsLibman, Alexander
2007 Moldova: Structural Change, Trade Specialization and International IntegrationLibman, Alexander
2007 Strategic tax collection and fiscal decentralisation: the case of RussiaLibman, Alexander; Feld, Lars P.
2007 Strategic Tax Collection and Fiscal Decentralisation: The Case of RussiaLibman, Alexander; Feld, Lars P.
2010 Words or deeds - what matters? Experience of recentralization in Russian security agenciesLibman, Alexander
2010 State and market integration in China: A spatial econometrics approach to 'local protectionism'Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten; Libman, Alexander; Xiaofan, Yu
2010 Subnational resource curse: do economic or political institutions matter?Libman, Alexander
2010 Is it really different? Patterns of regionalisation in the post-Soviet Central AsiaLibman, Alexander; Vinokurov, Evgeny
2010 Constitutions, regulations, and taxes: Contradictions of different aspects of decentralizationLibman, Alexander
2011 Tax return as a political statementLibman, Alexander; Schultz, André; Graeber, Thomas
2011 History matters, but how? An example of Ottoman and Habsburg legacies and judicial performance in RomaniaMendelski, Martin; Libman, Alexander
2011 Are human rights and economic well-being substitutes? Evidence from migration patterns across the Indian statesLibman, Alexander; Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten; Yadav, Gaurav
2012 Roving bandits in action: Outside option and governmental predation in autocraciesLibman, Alexander; Kozlov, Vladimir; Schultz, André
2013 Communism or communists? Soviet legacies and corruption in transition economiesLibman, Alexander; Obydenkova, Anastassia
2014 Ceremonial science: The state of Russian economics seen through the lens of the work of 'Doctor of Science' candidatesLibman, Alexander; Zweynert, Joachim
2015 Anti-Western conspiracy thinking and expectations of collusion: Evidence from Russia and ChinaLibman, Alexander; Vollan, Björn
2017 Getting incentives right: Human capital investment and natural resource boomsToews, Gerhard; Libman, Alexander
2017 Sticks or carrots? Comparing effectiveness of government shadow economy policies in RussiaKluge, Janis N.; Libman, Alexander
2018 Stagnierende deutsch-russische WirtschaftsbeziehungenLibman, Alexander