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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Redefining Beijing Consensus: Ten general principlesLi, Xin; Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik; Jacobsen, Michael
2009 Building China's soft power for a peaceful riseLi, Xin; Worm, Verner
2011 Toward an Integrative Framework of National Competitiveness: An application to ChinaLi, Xin
2014 The hidden secrets of the Yin-Yang symbolLi, Xin
2014 Robust Dynamic Optimal Taxation and Environmental ExternalitiesLi, Xin; Narajabad, Borghan; Temzelides, Ted
2015 Culture studies in the field of international business research: A tale of two paradigmsVorm, Werner; Li, Xin; Jakobsen, Michael; Xie, Piehong
2015 Value of big data to finance: observations on an internet credit Service Company in ChinaZhang, Shaofeng; Xiong, Wei; Ni, Wancheng; Li, Xin
2016 Robust dynamic energy use and climate changeLi, Xin; Narajabad, Borghan; Temzelides, Ted
2016 Compositional Advantage and Strategy: Understanding How Resource-Poor Firms Survive and ThriveLi, Xin
2016 Making Sense of Culture in International Business: Some Theoretical and Methodological ReflectionJakobsen, Michael; Worm, Verner; Li, Xin
2016 Neoliberalization and the Changing Roles of Stakeholders in State-Led Shantytown Redevelopment in Shenyang City, ChinaLi, Xin; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2016 Understanding the Experiences of Relocatees During Forced Relocation in Chinese Urban RestructuringLi, Xin; van Ham, Maarten; Kleinhans, Reinout
2017 Ambivalence in Place Attachment: The Lived Experiences of Residents in Declining Neighbourhoods Facing Demolition in Shenyang, ChinaLi, Xin; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2017 Foreign direct investment spillovers and pharmaceutical innovation: The role of intellectual property rightsHo, Chun-Yu; Li, Xin; Zhou, Weimin
2019 A Discussion on Yin-Yang, Zhong-Yong, Ambidexterity, and ParadoxLi, Xin