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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Sorting, Selection, and Transformation of the Return to College Education in ChinaFleisher, Belton M.; Li, Haizheng; Li, Shi; Wang, Xiaojun
2006 The urban-rural income gap and inequality in ChinaSicular, Terry; Yue, Ximing; Gustafsson, Björn; Li, Shi
2007 Changes in the distribution of wealth in China, 1995 - 2002Li, Shi; Zhao, Renwei
2007 Class origin, family culture, and intergenerational correlation of education in rural ChinaSato, Hiroshi; Li, Shi
2007 Access to higher education and inequality: the Chinese experimentWang, Xiaojun; Fleisher, Belton M.; Li, Haizheng; Li, Shi
2010 China's higher education expansion and its labor market consequencesLi, Shi; Xing, Chunbing
2010 The lasting impact of mothers' fetal malnutrition on their offspring: Evidence from the China great leap forward famineKim, Seonghoon; Deng, Quheng; Fleisher, Belton M.; Li, Shi
2011 Inter-temporal changes in ethnic urban earnings disparities in ChinaDing, Sai; Li, Shi; Myers, Samuel L.
2011 Changes in consumption inequality in ChinaLiu, Jing; Li, Shi
2011 The evolution of the migrant labor market in China: 2002 - 2007Knight, John; Deng, Quheng; Li, Shi
2011 Changes in the gender wage gap in urban China: 1995 - 2007Li, Shi; Song, Jin
2011 Overview: Income inequality and poverty in China, 2002 - 2007Li, Shi; Luo, Chuliang; Sicular, Terry
2011 Do employees in the public sector still enjoy earnings advantages?Yang, Juan; Démurger, Sylvie; Li, Shi
2012 Intergenerational income persistency in urban ChinaQuheng, Deng; Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Li, Shi
2013 The effects of the state sector on wage inequality in urban China: 1988 - 2007Xia, Qingjie; Song, Lina; Li, Shi; Appleton, Simon
2014 Data for Studying Earnings, the Distribution of Household Income and Poverty in ChinaGustafsson, Björn Anders; Li, Shi; Sato, Hiroshi
2014 Yuan and Roubles: Comparing Wage Determination in Urban China and Russia at the Beginning of the New MillenniumGustafsson, Björn Anders; Li, Shi; Nivorozhkina, Ludmila; Wan, Haiyuan
2015 Compliance with legal minimum wages and overtime pay regulations in ChinaYe, Linxiang; Gindling, Thomas; Li, Shi
2015 Impact of minimum wage on gender wage gaps in urban ChinaLi, Shi; Ma, Xinxin
2015 Migration Externalities in Chinese CitiesCombes, Pierre-Philippe; Démurger, Sylvie; Li, Shi