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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Minimum Wage Violation in Central and Eastern EuropeGoraus-Tanska, Karolina; Lewandowski, Piotr
2016 The use of eco-development programs for the assessment of environmental changes and the effectiveness of pro-ecological actions of local government administration at municipal levelLewandowski, Piotr; Zydlik, Piotr
2017 The changing nature of jobs in Central and Eastern EuropeLewandowski, Piotr
2017 Routine and Ageing? The Intergenerational Divide in the Deroutinisation of Jobs in EuropeLewandowski, Piotr; Keister, Roma; Hardy, Wojciech; Górka, Szymon
2017 Temporary Employment Boom in Poland: A Job Quality vs. Quantity Trade-off?Lewandowski, Piotr; Góra, Marek; Lis, Maciej
2018 The labor market in Poland, 2000-2016Lewandowski, Piotr; Magda, Iga
2019 Technology, Skills, and Globalization: Explaining International Differences in Routine and Nonroutine Work Using Survey DataLewandowski, Piotr; Park, Albert; Hardy, Wojciech; Du, Yang
2020 Occupational Exposure to Contagion and the Spread of COVID-19 in EuropeLewandowski, Piotr
2020 The Gender Dimension of Occupational Exposure to Contagion in EuropeLewandowski, Piotr; Lipowska, Katarzyna; Magda, Iga
2020 The Global Distribution of Routine and Non-Routine WorkLewandowski, Piotr; Park, Albert; Schotte, Simone
2020 The Heterogenous Regional Effects of Minimum Wages in PolandAlbinowski, Maciej; Lewandowski, Piotr
2020 Distributional Effects of Emission Pricing in a Carbon-Intensive Economy: The Case of PolandAntosiewicz, Marek; Fuentes, J. Rodrigo; Lewandowski, Piotr; Witajewski-Baltvilks, Jan