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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1988 Expectations, Information, and Migration: The Case of the West Bank and GazaGabriel, Stuart A.; Levy, Daniel
1990 Aggregate Output, Capital, and Labor in the Post-War U.S. EconomyLevy, Daniel
1993 Simulating a Multiproduct Barter Exchange EconomyLevy, Daniel; Bergen, Mark
1994 Periodic Properties of Interpolated Time SeriesDezhbakhsh, Hashem; Levy, Daniel
1994 Estimates of the Aggregate Quarterly Capital Stock for the Post-War U.S. EconomyLevy, Daniel; Chen, Haiwei
1994 Output, Capital, and Labor in the Short, and Long-RunLevy, Daniel
1995 Investment-Saving Comovement under Endogenous Fiscal PolicyLevy, Daniel
1995 Capital Stock Depreciation, Tax Rules, and Composition of Aggregate InvestmentLevy, Daniel
1997 The Magnitude of Menu Costs: Direct Evidence from Large U.S. Supermarket ChainsLevy, Daniel; Bergen, Mark; Dutta, Shantanu; Venable, Robert
1998 Price Adjustment at Multiproduct RetailersLevy, Daniel; Dutta, Shantanu; Bergen, Mark; Venable, Robert
1999 Menu Costs, Posted Prices, and Multiproduct RetailersDutta, Shantanu; Bergen, Mark; Levy, Daniel; Venable, Robert
2000 Investment-Saving Comovement and Capital Mobility: Evidence from Century Long U.S. Time SeriesLevy, Daniel
2002 Price Flexibility in Channels of Distribution: Evidence from Scanner DataDutta, Shantanu; Bergen, Mark; Levy, Daniel
2002 Cointegration in Frequency DomainLevy, Daniel
2002 Heterogeneity in Price Rigidity: Evidence from a Case Study Using Microlevel DataLevy, Daniel; Dutta, Shantanu; Bergen, Mark
2002 Pricing as a Strategic CapabilityDutta, Shantanu; Bergen, Mark; Levy, Daniel; Ritson, Mark; Zbaracki, Mark
2003 On the Typical Spectral Shape of an Economic VariableLevy, Daniel; Dezhbakhsh, Hashem
2003 International Evidence on Output Fluctuation and Shock PersistenceLevy, Daniel; Dezhbakhsh, Hashem
2003 Shattering the Myth of Costless Price ChangesBergen, Mark; Ritson, Mark; Dutta, Shantanu; Levy, Daniel; Zbaracki, Mark
2003 What Can the Price Gap between Branded and Private Label Products Tell Us about Markups?Barsky, Robert; Bergen, Mark; Dutta, Shantanu; Levy, Daniel