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2002Privately contributing to public goods over time: An experimental studyGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Stiehler, Andreas
2003Friedman, Harsanyi, Rawls, Boulding - or Somebody Else?Traub, Stefan; Seidl, Christian; Schmidt, Ulrich; Levati, Maria Vittoria
2007Let me see you!: video experiment on the social dimension of risk preferencesGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Ploner, Matteo
2007Listen: I am angry!: an experiment comparing ways of revealing emotionsGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria
2007Are cooperators efficiency- or fair-minded?: evidence from a public goods experimentLevati, Maria Vittoria; Ploner, Matteo
2007Planning ahead: eliciting intentions and beliefs in a public goods gameGonzález, Luis G.; Levati, Maria Vittoria
2007Cheap talk and secret intentions in a public goods experimentGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Weiland, Torsten
2007Scenario-based satisficing in saving: a theoretical and experimental analysisGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Ploner, Matteo
2008Satisficing in strategic environments: a theoretical approach and experimental evidenceGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Ploner, Matteo
2008(Over)-stylizing experimental findings and theorizing with sweeping generalityGüth, Werner; Kliemt, Hartmut; Levati, Maria Vittoria
2008Satisficing and prior-free optimality in price competition: a theoretical and experimental analysisGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Ploner, Matteo
2009Cycles of conditional cooperation in a real-time voluntary contribution mechanismLevati, Maria Vittoria; Zultan, Ro'i
2009Leading by words: A voluntary contribution experiment with one-way communicationKoukoumelis, Anastasios; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Weisser, Johannes
2009Voluntary contributions with risky and uncertain marginal returns: The importance of the minimal valueLevati, Maria Vittoria; Morone, Andrea
2009Making the world a better place: Experimental evidence from the generosity gameGüth, Werner; Levati, Maria Vittoria; Ploner, Matteo
2010Imperfect recall and time inconsistencies: An experimental test of the absentminded driver 'paradox'Levati, Maria Vittoria; Uhl, Matthias; Zultan, Ro'i
2010Context and interpretation in laboratory experiments: The case of reciprocityLevati, Maria Vittoria; Miettinen, Topi; Rai, Birendra K.