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2017Is scientific performance a function of funds?Zharova, Alona; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lessmann, Stefan
2018Price Management in the Used-Car Market: An Evaluation of Survival AnalysisBorn, Alexander; Kovachka, Nikoleta; Lessmann, Stefan; Seow, Hsin-Vonn
2018Conversion uplift in e-commerce: A systematic benchmark of modeling strategiesGubela, Robin; Bequé, Artem; Gebert, Fabian; Lessmann, Stefan
2018Data Driven Value-at-Risk Forecasting using a SVR-GARCH-KDE HybridLux, Marius; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lessmann, Stefan
2018Improving Crime Count Forecasts Using Twitter and Taxi DataVomfell, Lara; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lessmann, Stefan
2018Deregulated day-ahead electricity markets in Southeast Europe: Price forecasting and comparative structural analysisHryshchuk, Antanina; Lessmann, Stefan
2018Targeting customers for profit: An ensemble learning framework to support marketing decision makingLessmann, Stefan; Coussement, Kristof; De Bock, Koen W.; Haupt, Johannes
2018Topic Modeling for Analyzing Open-Ended Survey ResponsesPietsch, Andra-Selina; Lessmann, Stefan
2019Group Average Treatment Effects for Observational StudiesJacob, Daniel; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lessmann, Stefan
2019Usage Continuance in Software-as-a-ServiceBaumann, Elias; Kern, Jana; Lessmann, Stefan
2019Affordable Uplift: Supervised Randomization in Controlled ExprtimentsHaupt, Johannes; Jacob, Daniel; Gubela, Robin M.; Lessmann, Stefan
2019Forex Exchange Rate Forecasting Using Deep Recurrent Neural NetworksDautel, Alexander J.; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lessmann, Stefan; Seow, Hsin-Vonn
2019Antisocial Online Behavior Detection Using Deep LearningZinovyeva, Elizaveta; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lessmann, Stefan
2020Deep Learning application for fraud detection in financial statementsCraja, Patricia; Kim, Alisa; Lessmann, Stefan
2020Targeting Cutsomers Under Response-Dependent CostsHaupt, Johannes; Lessmann, Stefan
2020Forex exchange rate forecasting using deep recurrent neural networksDautel, Alexander Jakob; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lessmann, Stefan; Seow, Hsin-Vonn