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2015Co-worker networks, labour mobility, and productivity growth in regionsLengyel, Balázs; Eriksson, Rikard
2016Productivity spillovers through labor flows: The effect of productivity gap, foreign-owned firms, and skill-relatednessCsáfordi, Zsolt; Lőrincz, László; Lengyel, Balázs; Kiss, Károly Miklós
2017Inter-firm inventor movements and the optimal structure of co-inventor networksTóth, Gergő; Lengyel, Balázs
2017Creation and persistence of ties in cluster knowledge networksJuhász, Sándor; Lengyel, Balázs
2018Related and unrelated diversification in crisis and in prosperityKiss, Károly Miklós; Lőrincz, László; Csáfordi, Zsolt; Lengyel, Balázs
2020Automation risk along individual careers: Static and dynamic upgrades in citiesCzaller, László; Eriksson, László; Lengyel, Balázs
2020Global connections and the structure of skills in local co-worker networksLőrincz, László; Chihaya, Guilherme Kenji; Hannák, Anikó; Takács, Dávid; Lengyel, Balázs; Eriksson, Rikard
2021Repeated collaboration of inventors across European regionsTóth, Gergő; Elekes, Zoltán; Juhász, Sándor; Lengyel, Balázs
2021Co-worker networks and firm performanceLengyel, Balázs; Chihaya, Guilherme Kenji; Lőrincz, László; Eriksson, Rikard
2022Understanding hesitancy with revealed preferences across COVID-19 vaccine typesKutasi, Kristóf; Koltai, Júlia; Szabó-Morvai, Ágnes; Röst, Gergely; Karsai, Márton; Biró, Péter; Lengyel, Balázs
2023Atypical combinations of technologies in regional co-inventor networksAbbasiharofteh, Milad; Kogler, Dieter F.; Lengyel, Balázs