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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Trade Liberalization and Labour Markets: Perspective from OECD EconomiesLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2005 Accelerating GDP Growth, Improved Prospects for European IntegrationAstrov, Vasily; Gligorov, Vladimir; Havlik, Peter; Holzner, Mario; Hunya, Gabor; Jumpponen, Jari; Kinnunen, Jatta; Leitner, Sebastian; Lukas, Zdenek; Mihailov, Anton; Podkaminer, Leon; Pöschl, Josef; Richter, Sandor; Tiusanen, Tauno; Urban, Waltraut; Vidovic, Hermine
2008 Migration and Commuting Propensity in the New EU Member StatesIara, Anna; Landesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Podkaminer, Leon; Römisch, Roman; Vidovic, Hermine
2008 Growth Resurgence, Productivity Catching-up and Labour Demand in CEECsHavlik, Peter; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2009 Inequality in Croatia in ComparisonHolzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian
2009 Skills and Industrial CompetitivenessLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert; Ward, Terry
2010 AUSTRIA 2020: The impact of medium-term global trends on the Austrian economyChristie, Edward; Francois, Joseph; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian; Pindyuk, Olga
2011 Subgroup and Shapley Value Decompositions of Multidimensional Inequality – An Application to Southeast European CountriesLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2011 Western Balkans: Employment in the Gas and Electricity SectorsAstrov, Vasily; Christie, Edward; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian; Urban, Waltraut; Vidovic, Hermine
2011 Arbeitskosten, Steuerbelastung und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit in Österreich im Vergleich mit ausgewählten CEEsHavlik, Peter; Leitner, Sebastian; Römisch, Roman
2011 Stabilisierung des verhaltenen Aufschwungs in den MOELAstrov, Vasily; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian
2012 Sectoral Employment Effects of Economic DownturnsFoster-McGregor, Neil; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Leitner, Sandra M.; Leitner, Sebastian; Rabemiafara, Nirina; Sanoussi, Fadila; Stehrer, Robert; Ward, Terry
2012 Wirtschaftsentwicklung divergiert in den kommenden Jahren auch in Mitteleuropa, Ost- und Südosteuropa zwischen Norden und SüdenAstrov, Vasily; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian
2014 Labour Market Transitions of Young People during the Economic CrisisLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2014 Earnings Distributions and Dimensions of InequalityFoster-McGregor, Neil; Leitner, Sebastian; Leitner, Sandra M.; Pöschl, Johannes; Stehrer, Robert
2014 Drivers of Inequality and Poverty in the CEE and other EU Member StatesLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2015 Effects of Income Inequality on Population Health and Social Outcomes at the Regional Level in the EULeitner, Sebastian
2016 Development of Public Spending Structures in the EU Member States: Social Investment and its Impact on Social OutcomesLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2016 Drivers of Wealth Inequality in Euro-Area CountriesLeitner, Sebastian
2018 Factors Driving Wealth Inequality in European CountriesLeitner, Sebastian