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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Trade Liberalization and Labour Markets: Perspective from OECD EconomiesLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2005 Accelerating GDP Growth, Improved Prospects for European IntegrationAstrov, Vasily; Gligorov, Vladimir; Havlik, Peter; Holzner, Mario; Hunya, Gabor; Jumpponen, Jari; Kinnunen, Jatta; Leitner, Sebastian; Lukas, Zdenek; Mihailov, Anton; Podkaminer, Leon; Pöschl, Josef; Richter, Sandor; Tiusanen, Tauno; Urban, Waltraut; Vidovic, Hermine
2008 Migration and Commuting Propensity in the New EU Member StatesIara, Anna; Landesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Podkaminer, Leon; Römisch, Roman; Vidovic, Hermine
2008 Growth Resurgence, Productivity Catching-up and Labour Demand in CEECsHavlik, Peter; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2009 Inequality in Croatia in ComparisonHolzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian
2009 Skills and Industrial CompetitivenessLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert; Ward, Terry
2010 AUSTRIA 2020: The impact of medium-term global trends on the Austrian economyChristie, Edward; Francois, Joseph; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian; Pindyuk, Olga
2011 Subgroup and Shapley Value Decompositions of Multidimensional Inequality – An Application to Southeast European CountriesLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2011 Western Balkans: Employment in the Gas and Electricity SectorsAstrov, Vasily; Christie, Edward; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian; Urban, Waltraut; Vidovic, Hermine
2011 Stabilisierung des verhaltenen Aufschwungs in den MOELAstrov, Vasily; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian
2011 Arbeitskosten, Steuerbelastung und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit in Österreich im Vergleich mit ausgewählten CEEsHavlik, Peter; Leitner, Sebastian; Römisch, Roman
2012 Sectoral Employment Effects of Economic DownturnsFoster-McGregor, Neil; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Leitner, Sandra M.; Leitner, Sebastian; Rabemiafara, Nirina; Sanoussi, Fadila; Stehrer, Robert; Ward, Terry
2012 Wirtschaftsentwicklung divergiert in den kommenden Jahren auch in Mitteleuropa, Ost- und Südosteuropa zwischen Norden und SüdenAstrov, Vasily; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Holzner, Mario; Leitner, Sebastian
2014 Labour Market Transitions of Young People during the Economic CrisisLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2014 Earnings Distributions and Dimensions of InequalityFoster-McGregor, Neil; Leitner, Sebastian; Leitner, Sandra M.; Pöschl, Johannes; Stehrer, Robert
2014 Drivers of Inequality and Poverty in the CEE and other EU Member StatesLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2015 Effects of Income Inequality on Population Health and Social Outcomes at the Regional Level in the EULeitner, Sebastian
2016 Drivers of Wealth Inequality in Euro-Area CountriesLeitner, Sebastian
2016 Development of Public Spending Structures in the EU Member States: Social Investment and its Impact on Social OutcomesLeitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2018 Factors Driving Wealth Inequality in European CountriesLeitner, Sebastian