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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Structural reforms in EMU and the role of monetary policy – a survey of the literatureLeiner-Killinger, Nadine; López Pérez, Victor; Stiegert, Roger; Vitale, Giovanni
2008 Labour supply and employment in the euro area countries - developments and challengesMasuch, Klaus; Gómez-Salvador, Ramon; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine; Strauch, Rolf; Turunen, Jarkko; Ward-Warmedinger, Melanie; Mulder, Jan De; Stahl, Harald; McCarthy, Yvonne; Nicolitsas, Daphne; Lacuesta, Aitor; Ravanel, Mathilde; Cipollone, Piero; Olsommer, Christelle; Stiglbauer, Alfred; Novo, Álvaro; Stovicek, Klara; Schauman, Heidi; Balleer, Almut; McQuinn, Kieran; Montanaro, Pasqualino; Rosolia, Alfonso; Viviano, Eliana; Duarte, Cláudia Filipa; Vodopivec, Matija; Task force of the Monetary Policy Committee of the European System of Central Banks
2008 An analysis of youth unemployment in the euro areaGomez-Salvador, Ramon; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine
2009 Inflation forecasting in the new EU Member StatesArratibel, Olga; Kamps, Christophe; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine
2009 The cyclical impact of EU cohesion policy in fast growing EU countriesKamps, Christophe; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine; Martin, Reiner
2011 The response of labour taxation to changes in government debtHolm-Hadulla, Fédéric; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine; Slavík, Michal
2012 Cost of borrowing shocks and fiscal adjustmentde Groot, Oliver; Holm-Hadulla, Fédéric; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine
2014 The identification of fiscal and macroeconomic imbalances - unexploited synergies under the strengthened EU governance frameworkKamps, Christophe; De Stefani, Roberta; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine; Rüffer, Rasmus; Sondermann, David
2017 Reflections on the Euro Area Fiscal StanceKamps, Christophe; Cimadomo, Jacopo; Hauptmeier, Sebastian; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine
2018 Learning about fiscal multipliers during the European sovereign debt crisis: Evidence from a quasi-natural experimentGórnicka, Lucyna; Kamps, Christophe; Koester, Gerrit; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine
2019 Taking stock of the functioning of the EU fiscal rules and options for reformKamps, Christophe; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine
2020 Reflections on the Stability and Growth Pact's Preventive Arm in Light of the COVID-19 CrisisHauptmeier, Sebastian; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine
2020 Fiscal transfers and economic convergenceCapella-Ramos, João; Checherita-Westphal, Cristina; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine