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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Happiness and the human development index: Australia is not a paradoxLeigh, Andrew; Wolfers, Justin
2006 Competing approaches to forecasting elections: economic models, opinion polling and prediction marketsLeigh, Andrew; Wolfers, Justin
2007 Immigrants assimilate as communities, not just as individualsHatton, Timothy J.; Leigh, Andrew
2010 Does racial and ethnic discrimination vary across minority groups? Evidence from a field experimentBooth, Alison L.; Leigh, Andrew; Varganova, Elena
2010 The distribution of top incomes in five Anglo-Saxon countries over the twentieth centuryAtkinson, Anthony B.; Leigh, Andrew
2010 Do gun buybacks save lives? Evidence from panel dataLeigh, Andrew; Neill, Christine
2010 Who benefits from the earned income tax credit? Incidence among recipients, coworkers and firmsLeigh, Andrew
2010 Intergenerational income mobility in urban ChinaHonge Gong, Cathy; Leigh, Andrew; Meng, Xin
2010 Do employers discriminate by gender? A field experiment in female-dominated occupationsBooth, Alison L.; Leigh, Andrew
2010 Do output contractions trigger democratic change?Burke, Paul J.; Leigh, Andrew
2010 Do rising top incomes lift all boats?Andrews, Dan; Jencks, Christopher; Leigh, Andrew
2011 Bargaining over labor: Do patients have any power?Gans, Joshua S.; Leigh, Andrew
2011 How partisan is the press? Multiple measures of media slantGans, Joshua S.; Leigh, Andrew
2013 How Do Stamp Duties Affect the Housing Market?Davidoff, Ian; Leigh, Andrew
2013 Long Run Trends in Australian Executive Remuneration: BHP 1887-2012Pottenger, Mike; Leigh, Andrew
2013 The Predictive Power of Political Pundits: Prescient or Pitiful?Metaxas, Phillip; Leigh, Andrew
2014 Crime and Mental WellbeingCornaglia, Francesca; Feldman, Naomi E.; Leigh, Andrew
2017 Immobile Australia: Surnames Show Strong Status Persistence, 1870–2017Clark, Gregory; Leigh, Andrew; Pottenger, Mike
2017 Immobile Australia: Surnames Show Strong Status Persistence, 1870-2017Clark, Gregory; Leigh, Andrew; Pottenger, Mike
2018 Do School Principals Respond to Increased Public Scrutiny? New Survey Evidence from AustraliaCoelli, Michael; Foster, Gigi; Leigh, Andrew