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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Promoting the multifunctionality of agriculture, forestry, and rural areas - design and implementation of public policies in GermanyLehmann, Paul; Schleyer, Christian; Wüstemann, Henry; Drechsler, Martin; Hagedorn, Konrad; Wätzold, Frank
2005 An economic evaluation of the U.S. Conservation Reserve ProgramLehmann, Paul
2008 Using a policy mix for pollution control: A review of economic literatureLehmann, Paul
2009 Climate policies with pollution externalities and learning spilloversLehmann, Paul
2010 Combining emissions trading and emissions taxes in a multi-objective worldLehmann, Paul
2011 Why should support schemes for renewable electricity complement the EU emissions trading scheme?Lehmann, Paul; Gawel, Erik
2011 Making water affordable to all: A typology and evaluation of options for urban water pricingLehmann, Paul
2012 Ökonomische Grundfragen der Klimaanpassung: Umrisse eines neuen ForschungsprogrammsHeuson, Clemens; Gawel, Erik; Gebhardt, Oliver; Hansjürgens, Bernd; Lehmann, Paul; Meyer, Volker; Schwarze, Reimund
2012 Fundamental questions on the economics of climate adaptation: Outlines of a new research programmeHeuson, Clemens; Gawel, Erik; Gebhardt, Oliver; Hansjürgens, Bernd; Lehmann, Paul; Meyer, Volker; Schwarze, Reimund
2012 The political economy of the peruvian urban water sectorFelgendreher, Simon; Lehmann, Paul
2012 Efficient public adaptation to climate change: An investigation of drivers and barriers from a Public Choice perspectiveGawel, Erik; Heuson, Clemens; Lehmann, Paul
2012 Understanding barriers and opportunities for adaptation planning in citiesLehmann, Paul; Brenck, Miriam; Gebhardt, Oliver; Schaller, Sven; Süßbauer, Elisabeth
2012 The German Energiewende under attack: Is there an irrational Sonderweg?Gawel, Erik; Strunz, Sebastian; Lehmann, Paul
2013 Förderung der Markt- und Systemintegration erneuerbarer Energien: Perspektiven einer instrumentellen WeiterentwicklungGawel, Erik; Purkus, Alexandra; Korte, Klaas; Lehmann, Paul
2013 Distributional effects of water tariff reforms: An empirical study for Lima, PeruBarde, Julia Alexa; Lehmann, Paul
2013 Polit-ökonomische Grenzen des Emissionshandels und ihre Implikationen für die klima- und energiepolitische InstrumentenwahlGawel, Erik; Strunz, Sebastian; Lehmann, Paul
2013 A public choice view on the climate and energy policy mix in the EU: How do the emissions trading scheme and support for renewable energies interact?Gawel, Erik; Strunz, Sebastian; Lehmann, Paul
2014 Die Förderung der erneuerbaren Energien nach der EEG-Reform 2014Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul
2014 Energy policy: European, national, regional?Strunz, Sebastian; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Ribera, Teresa; Rüdinger, Andreas; Boscheck, Ralf; Egenhofer, Christian; de Jong, Jacques
2014 Wie viel Europa braucht die Energiewende?Gawel, Erik; Strunz, Sebastian; Lehmann, Paul