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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 A currency union in East AsiaLee, Jong-Wha; Park, Yung Chul; Shin, Kwanho
2008 Patterns and Determinants of Cross-border Financial Asset Holdings in East AsiaLee, Jong-Wha
2008 Real and Financial Integration in East AsiaKim, Soyoung; Lee, Jong-Wha
2009 Crises in Asia: Historical Perspectives and ImplicationsHong, Kiseok; Lee, Jong-Wha; Tang, Hsiao Chink
2009 Technological Change, Human Capital Structure, and Multiple Growth PathsKim, Yong Jin; Lee, Jong-Wha
2009 Developing Indicators for Regional Economic Integration and CooperationCapannelli, Giovanni; Lee, Jong-Wha; Petri, Peter
2009 Emerging Asia: Decoupling or RecouplingKim, Soyoung; Lee, Jong-Wha; Park, Cyn-Young
2009 The Optimal Structure of Technology Adoption and Creation: Basic Research vs. Development in the Presence of Distance to FrontierHa, Joonkyung; Jin Kim, Yong; Lee, Jong-Wha
2011 When are Capital Controls Effective? Evidence from Malaysia and ThailandJongwanich, Juthathip; Socorro Gochoco-Bautista, Maria; Lee, Jong-Wha
2011 Financial Integration in Emerging Asia: Challenges and ProspectsPark, Cyn-Young; Lee, Jong-Wha
2011 Does trade integration contribute to peace?Pyun, Ju Hyun; Lee, Jong-Wha
2014 Service sector productivity and economic growth in AsiaLee, Jong-Wha; McKibbin, Warwick J.
2016 The Republic of Korea's economic growth and catch-up: Implications for the People's Republic of ChinaLee, Jong-Wha
2017 Twenty years after the financial crisis in the Republic of KoreaLee, Jong-Wha
2018 Human capital and income inequalityLee, Jong-Wha; Lee, Hanol